[Archive] stormcast eternal compendium anyone?

Timothy Archer:


A friend just buy the whole stormcast lot

From the box for super cheap price

But he just realized that they were nowhere to find the rules compendium for those units.

Does anyone have those or an idea where to find them



Thommy H:

He can get rules for the units that have been released separately on the GW website - the Liberators and the Retributors. For the rest he might want to download the White Dwarf released that week (75) which had a few of the other warscrolls, but I’m not sure it has all of them.

The easiest thing would be for him to pick up the 96-page book that comes in the starter box too. That has all the rules.


Or he gets the app for IOS or Android.


he can also get Warhammer Age of Sigmar Book, it also has the stormcast rules and the 4 main rule pages, some battle plans and fluff

Timothy Archer:

Thank you all. I will normally be able to post some battle reports soon on my blog. Three players

. Cd \ stormcast\ Orcs and goblins . And many scenery. Lets hope it will be fun.