[Archive] Strength ans weaknesses


Strength ans weaknesses-

As a chaos dwarf general what do you find as your biggest strength and worst weakness- (back it up with examples from personal experience)

On a side note i have read all of the CD tactica page.


for me, the biggest strengths are bbs, artillery and slavescreens… (and the size of the hats:) ):slight_smile:

I think the biggest weakness is the lack of magic items, although i still get along pretty well… maybe possibly maneuverability, but for me, thats not really an issue

IMO the hats are pretty well balanced, even in 7E


Leadership 10 in heroes is a huge strength, one that no other army has. Also being able to take hobgoblin slaves in units of ten is beyond ridiculous.

Having said that, there are many drawbacks too. Not having many magic items to choose from, wolf riders in minimum units of ten, no lapping around for sneaky gits has made them all but redundant and the whole issue surrounding Bull Centaurs is a bit annoying too.