[Archive] Stroke of luck


I just got back from a local bootsale, and it proved to be surprisingly profitable. I found a box of 24 Orc Warriors, which I intend to use as slave Orcs, and a bagful of spare Orc bits for �13! As well as that, I spent quite a long time talking to the guy on the stall, and he runs a club in my town, that I didn’t even know existed.

If I become a full member of the club, I can get a 10% discount at my local independent stockist. I mentioned my Chaos Dwarf project, and he said they already had one member who plays them! I didn’t know we were so popular:).

I suppose I should use this thread for something constructive, so why not post any decent deals you have found at some sort of carboot sale?

Uzkul Werit:

Carboot sales around me are hopeless. Just full of rubbish. I did get a free retro Earthshaker from a GW Manager once.


I have no luck at these things but a friend of mine managed to pick up a load of retro WDs and rule books, inc. both original Realms of Chaos books, Rogue Trader and the First Book of the Astronomican. As far as minis go though, I think the CBS have lost their supplies to e-bay

Uzkul Werit:

Second Hand Bookshops are good places for the White Dwarfs/Old Army Books. One in Cardiff had so many White Dwarfs at one point, they had three large piles (in addition to a row upstairs) by the counter!


I didn’t get any CD stuff…but I did get 100 free night goblins from a guy who played dwarves. HOBBOS.