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Hello all,

I have the following for sale:

Skaven Army:
Skaven army book.
1 NOS Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace, NOT including the Seer or Priest.
20 new plastic Stormvermin.
1 metal Warlord.
2 metal Warlock Engineers.
2 metal Gutter Runners.
1 metal Assassin.
5 metal Jezzails.
1 Warp Lightning Cannon.
1 Ratling Gun.
1 Warpfire Thrower.
8 metal Plague Censer Bearers.
1 metal Plague Priest with censer.
3 metal Posion Wind Globadiers.
35 plastic Plague Monks (1 standard, 1 musician).
20 plastic Night Runners.
78 plastic previous edition Clanrats/Slaves (2 standards, 3 musicians).
6 plastic Beast Masters.
32 plastic Giant Rats.

The retail for this army is roughly £385 - as such I’d like £200 inc p&p for it. Everything aside from the Screaming Bell is assembled and primed black. Lots of the Gutter Runners/Clanrats are missing tails, but I assume they’d make fine slaves. I’ll happily include enough of the old movement trays for the entire army.

8 new plastic Knights.
18 old plastic Knights.
16 NOS plastic Archers.
104 (!) old plastic Archers.
16 NOS plastic Archers.
47 new plastic men at Arms (1 standard, 1 musician).

The retail for this army is roughly £162, as such I’d like £90 inc p&p for it. Aside from the new Knights (just the riders), everything is assembled and based black. Some of the Men at Arms have been rebased black. I’ll happily include some old movement trays for the Men at Arms.

Imperial Armour Volume 1 - £38.
Imperial Armour Volume 2 - £36.
Imperial Armour Volume 3 - £44.
All these Imperial armour books are around 20% off Forgeworld’s prices, and they’re completely pristine. Buy all 3 for £110, rather than £118.

Forge World:
Event Mounted Death Rider Commissar - £30.
Event Renegade Ogryn with DKK Victim - £30.

Space Hulk (new, sealed) - £90 (inc p&p in UK).
Space Hulk Terminators inc Librarian - £50.
22 Genestealers - £40.
Both Terminators and Genestealers for £80 inc p&p.

12 assembled + primed black Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifles- £9.
10 Gun Drones assembled + primed black with clear unbroken flying stands - £6.
All of the above Tau for £13 instead of £15.

Misc stuff:
11 previous style metal Bloodletters painted - £2 each.
Last edition Striking Scorpions Exach with claw - £4.

Space Marine Stuff:
Dark Angels Codex (good condition) - £7.
10 Blood Angel Death Company with jump packs, based and primed black - £25.
Blood Angels Chaplain with jump pack, based and primed black - £6.

Unfortunately, I can only accept Paypal as payment, simply because it’s very quick and hassle free for me.

Wants (Priority Order):
Wood Elf Treekin
Wood Elf Dryads
Wood Elf Drycha the Branchwraith
3 x Citadel Woods
New Ork Trukks
Ork Warbiker Mob

If you’d like anything here then please feel free to PM me. Thanks all.

Ghrask Dragh:

Well I can’t give another positive response on Geck’s Market Rep but I have to say I’ve traded with him for the 3rd time now (I think) and is a great seller, you really can’t ask for any better!!

Thanks again Geckilian, I would recommend anyone to buy from this guy, better than the pro’s!



Cheers Ghrask Dragh.

Update - Heresy Ghouls pending, Hobbit Shirrifs gone, and a lot of tau Fire Warriors and Gun Drones added.

Pyro Stick:

Are those CMS warriors the newest versions? If so, do you have any spare unpainted legs?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Is ALL of the Chaos Space Marine stuff painted? Also, the metal bloodletters: how much to ship them (all) to Leeds, please?


How much for the Landraider?? Email me at Jd_Mohr@live.com


Sorry, misread Land Speeder.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m going to have to try to pull some money together before I can confirm buying anything. My apologies. Also, I’m not asking you to hold onto them for me. If you get a definitive offer, I’ve lost out :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sorry to keep asking without yet having the funds to pay, but can I see some pics of the painted BLs please?


Chipped a lot, so they’ll need repainting.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thanks :wink: Looking good anyhow. If they’re chipped, I might strip them then. If it’s not horrendous, I’ll just touch them up a bit.

EDIT: Still working on getting funds.


Bump, as I’ve updated the stuff for sale and my wants. It’s been a while eh?


If no one before has mentioned or reserved could I take a look at the 10 plastic Marauder Horsemen with spears based and primed black - £8 per 5. please ? I was thinking they may make nice kislevites with some minor work ? especialy if they are the newer styled ones.


Completely missed this post, sorry. If you’re still interested I’ll happily send you some pictures of them, and yes they’re the newer plastic ones.

On another note, added Skaven and Bretonnian armies.


Updated list for sale - Chaos cav gone, wants changed etc.