[Archive] stuff i've bin working on


A quick pic of the first 5 of my warriors, i’ve run out of greenstuff so im stuck till tha weekend wen i can get up to ma nearest hobby place:

My hero, loosly based on drum and drone, the beard need re-doing but it’l have to wait, any ideas/feedback, there is a fluff to fit with another head involving the obvious warpstone storm, then staying in albion out of shame and a hope to reclaim his former good name

The pics are as ever terrible and i have no flesh tone (gotta wait till weekend) so painting could be better


just curious are your hobgoblins gorkamorka orks?

the metal masks look cool, i also like the idea for your hero because my hero is also mutated, an its great to see a bit more chaos in a chaos dwarf!


I’d love some closer up shots, but this stuff looks great so far!


There’s allot of thought and innovation gone into that stuff.

I would give it 9.5 on the cool-o-metre. :cheers