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Hello again,

I just wanted to briefly share my first experience with Swedish comp scores. I went to a small local tournament this weekend and I brought the same list that I had when I went to Owlcon. You can see it here if interested (middle of the post) http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=15339. All the guys there were prepping lists for the Lone Wolf GT in Dallas, TX. Lone Wolf is using the Swedish comp system, so I figured out the score for my Owlcon list and brought the same army. My score came in at a staggering 5.8 x.x. The lowest you can have at Lone Wolf is a 6, so that was my score this Saturday.

This changed the way the game is played for me. My first opponent, a tomb kings player, just castled in a corner because his score was an 11 and he started the game 500 points ahead of me :sick. I was able to pull out a minor victory on battle points, but after comp I ended up with a minor loss. My second opponent, dwarfs, also had a high comp score and started the game 700 points up on me! He deployed across from me and we had a fine scrape despite the point differential. I ended up with about a 1300 VP difference, but comp brought my score from a major victory to a minor one. The last game I had was against vampire counts and again I started down over 700 points :(. It was a fun game since this was my last opponent at Owlcon and he got some payback. He tabled me with his knights and I had a major loss, regardless of comp.

Sorry I didn’t take any pics, this is also the reason I am not doing battle reports. I think that I am going to have to make some major changes to my army list if I plan to take chaos dwarfs to comped tourneys. Starting 500+ points down means that you have to take more risks and your opponent will have little reason to engage you other than to try and steal points from easy targets. I am going to post a new list to try out in the army list forum with the comp score. I’ll post some pics of my burgeoning blunderbuss unit (33 fireglaives, but count as blunderbuss) in a little while as well.

The Lazy Samurai


For swedish comp, really does change the game and I am unsure if it is for the better.

I think you can get a score of about 19 with this list:

2 Daemonsmiths metal



Khan on wolf

28 infernals with fireglaives

20 hobgoblins with bows

6 bullcentaurs with greatweapons

1 irondaemon hellbound

2 seige giants with hate runes

Surprisingly, the list should be able to win games, with all the stubborn unbreakable blocks. That and two siege giants into the same unit would likely tear it apart, and glittering robes bubbled onto the giants/infernal guard/ and hobgoblins would give you a very hard army to shift. Between the Irondemon and metal wizards no heavy calv/ solo combat lords should be able to make it across the board.


I understand your feeling and totally agree with the fact that you should have a high comp score.

I’m currently preparing for a tournament where only comp between 14 and 20 are accepted. Here’s my actual list:

lvl 3 death, carpet, 2+/4++

taur’ruk 2+ rerollable, GW, 2++ fire

khan on wolf

28 iron guards FC with 1 Ld reroll

42 Hobgobelins FC, bows, shields

6 Centaurs FC, GW

1 Iron deamon hellbound

1 Death striker rocket

8 Kdai fireborns

5 Hobgobelins Wolf raiders

Total 2500 pts, comp: 18.1

I played this list 2 times and won both 11-9 because of the active comp system (my opponent’s were playing 14-15 comp list). Being +300 points ahead puts a lot of preasure on your opponent. With my versatile list I was more than happy that my opponent has to move forward in order to get some points.

I hope my list will give you some ideas for your next list!