[Archive] Sweet Zombie Jesus

caos dwrf:

ok i had the greatist idea to turn a defiler into a modified greater demon / lamasu / great torus. ive started work on it gtg


Ummmmm can you be more vague about this?


Definitely a cool idea, albeit vague! Be sure to get back with us on that.

caos dwrf:

ya sorry i was at school and i was supposed to be doing research but i was here instead anyways my teach was walking by my comp so i had to rush things. anyway my colossus is about 4 stories high and im using him as a great torus/ lamasu / unit filler . sorry boot the rushyness but it had to be done. so basically what i did was i took the defiler body head and 4 legs and maid what looks like a gundum. i put red leds inside so his eyes glow. he looks real sinister. i also green stuffed a beard

hair and flames. man i have been doing alot this week. i finished my death squad (bfsp miners with syths and masks) hob goblin hero (on wolf) my kollosus, weep sob cry put in the last ever mail order at gw made out with my gf… wait im not sposed to say that out loud lol sooooooo ya ive done so mch i dont want to see another speck of green stuff for the rest of the week

so ya abit off topic but sure thats what my kollosus is

pics commin soon

EDIT: btw did i post this thread in the right spot

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Definately post some pics when your done, sounds awesome.

caos dwrf:

sweet i just finished school 4 today and i kant wait to go home and start work. since my last post ive painted im gold and did several washes. he iz sooo shiny btw did i mention his eyes glow red