[Archive] Swiss makes cut to go to 3rd round 'ard Boyz


Ok, first we need to celebrate.

Second, we need to plot.

Thankfully I live 2 hours from the Chicago bunker (maybe 3 at most)… so it’s an easy enough trip.


Do you know which armies will be in the next cut?  I don’t know how this works.

Your army seems to be doing well so far.

Would it be worth swapping a sorcerer +bolt thrower for a combat hero?

With so few combat units there’s only so much you can do with shooting.

Or maybe even swap 2 bolt throwers for a hobgoblin meatshield?



I know some Illinois guys who are talking Deamons. And I think I can guarantee a rather cheesy VC player as well.


I know TulkasUlmar (Jeff Florido) will likely be fielding his Daemons again.

I’m actually thinking some equipment swapping some items primarily.


In my experience the best way to beat up daemons (with Dwarfs) is by maximising combat resolution after softening them up a lot with shooting.  This will be easier said than done with your list as against ranked units you don’t have many cheap flanking units to throw in.

Trying to face them one unit against another is fighting them on their terms.  Avoid great weapons on the warriors if you have them already.

Your sorcerers probably will hold their own, depending on the lists you’re against.


Good going Swiss.

Show them the CD are still a great army.


Here’s what I’ve found to be showing up as of now ( based on reports from DakkaDakka )

Lizards - 2 slaan, 4 EoG
empire - 3 Stank/Popemobile
he - Teclis
doc - magic heavy
doc - magic heavy w/ Skulltaker
vc = 2 black coaches
doc - 20+ PD
doc - Nurgle/Khorne
empire - 3 Stanks/pope/Karf Fronz on Dragon
O&G - "pretty basic list"
DoC - tzeentch flying circus
Dwarves - 8 bolt throwers, Thorek, Lord in Hammerers
Liz = Slan and stegs, possible Croak
HE teclis, double bolt throwers
Tomb Kings - Setra List - ~28 chariots
DE = bolt throwers and infantry
CD - Swiss


The DoC army I faced that is going with had two thirsters and a lot of tzeentch. I don’t remember much else.


More news from the front:

Demons: Kairos/Keeper leadership bomb army

Vampires: Graveguard Bunker + Vargulfs and Wraiths

Demons I think??


Good job, i ll drink to that!:cheers

Border Reiver:

Condgrats on making it man - go for gold and really cause a rethink…


That is with the Ravening Hordes list, not the Indy GT list, if I read the rules of the 'Ard Boyz correctly.

Border Reiver:

Even better - although the Indy GT list isn’t OTT


I fear the odds might be against me. However, I will endeavor to do my best, I will at least be able to say I could be counted amongst those present. Which is freaking awesome in of itself.


Just pray to Hushut and give your opponents a taint of Chaos, unless they pray to the Chaos Gods then destroy them. :hat


hehehe… Bilbo I have a mixed drink I call “The Taint of Chaos”… So Co + Monster Khaos.

It just makes me laugh with your statement, LOL.


I knew about you and Monster Khaos and tainting your opponents by offering them a drink. :smiley:


Well yeah, I did that with just the energy drink in the past…

The Brain:

:hat off nice job Swiss, keep up the good work.


Copied from a friend:

15 sites have posted the Armies that are moving on to the Finals:

AZ, Mesa, Empire Games

1. HE (Star Dragon/Teclis)

2. DE (2 Dragon Lords)

3. DE (2 Drogon Lords)

CT, East Hartford, Warsmith

1. Dwarfs

2. Demons

3. VC

DE, Days of Knights

1. Lizardmen

2. Empire

3. High Elves

IL, O’Fallon, Fantasy Games & Books

1. Vampire Counts

2. Dark Elves

3. Dwarfs

MN, Minnesota

1. Lizardmen (Slann w/ TG + 3 Engines)

2. Bretonnians (list below) Green Knight

3. Demons (Keeper, Hounds, Flamers, Horrors + Plaguebearers)

NE, Bellevue

1. Mono Khorne Daemons

2. Tzeentch/Nurgle Daemons

3. Lizardmen


1. Dark Elves

2. Brettonia

3. Warriors of Chaos

PA, Harrisburg, Legion’s Hobbies

1. Demons of Chaos, Kairos and BT

2. Demons of Chaos, Kairos and BT

3. 3 Stank empire

PA, Showcase Comics - Media

1. Demons of Chaos

2. Empire

3. Demons of Chaos

SC, Greenville, Borderlands

1. Daemons of Chaos

2. Daemons of Chaos

3. Vampire Counts

TX, Arlington, Lone Star Comics #1

1. Vampire Counts

2. 2 Bloodthirster daemons

3. 2 Stank empire

TX, Austin, Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy

1. Warriors of Chaos

2. Demons of Chaos, Fateweaver/thirster

3. Beastmen, 11 chariot Gorthor beastmen

VA, Dragon’s Hoard

1. Demons

2. Vampire Counts

3. ???

WA, Tacoma, the Games Matrix

1. Vampire Counts

2. Lizardmen (6 Stegadons)

3. Wood Elves

WI, Madison, Misty Mountains

1. Dark Elves, Relinquished his spot due to Tournament Issues

2. Demons of Chaos, 2 BTs

3. Vampire Counts, DISQUALIFIED

4. Chaos Dwarves, 2 Bull Taurus, 3 Earthshakers, 6 Hobgob BTs, 2 Death Rockets

5. High Elves, 2 Star Dragons

Army breakdown on who placed at the known sites:

DoC 14

VC 6

Lizardmen 4

Empire 4

DE 4

HE 3

Dwarfs 2

Brets 2

WoC 2

WE 1

CD 1

Beastmen 1

??? 1