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Here are some of my tactics for my Chaos Dwarfs.

Bull Centaurs.

I usually equip them with Extra Hand Weapons, and Heavy Armor. I tend to give them banner and Warbanner. A soft res of 2 is not as nice as the 4-5 of infantry blocks, but it does help quite a bit. A musician is often added, but can be sacrificed if I need points. I try to fit the musician in if at all possible. Keep in mind this is with the assumption they fight like centaurs… infantry on cav bases… so they can benefit from the extra hand weapon.

Part of their use is in convincing your opponent they are far nastier then they are far nastier then they really are. I am fine with them drawing fire, as this means other stuff is getting left alone. Playing aggressively with them helps sell this.

I use them as Shock Cavalry. They might not have the armor of heavy cav, but the number of S4 attacks adds up quickly! Against some softer targets (Empire state troops, peasants, Gobbos, Zombies, Skaven) they can do a decent amount of damage at full strength. However as they tend to draw fire, if they are being used alone they are best used on warmachines… or units not meant for combat (IE: some shooters). They are even better when used as flankers or on a unit you’ve pummeled with shooting/magic to reduce their numbers.

If you posistion them on the flanks of your army, and you position them right… they can get a flank charge… this is even better with a ranked unit in front (recommended, but not needed). Alternately, a Lord on Great Taurus (who is easier to position for a flank charge with a flying move) in the flank of the enemy unit… to deny rank bonus (and likely a few kills of his own). Even on their own in the flank of many units… they can break the enemy. When supported, they can give you the extra edge where the enemy is all but guaranteed to break.

Against undead, if you deny ranks and/or gets plenty of soft res to support… they will help you win the grind.

Their speed, intimidation, and shock value are quite significant. With banner/warbanner and musician they have a decent amount of soft res that they are quite a threat.

Earth shaker

Perhaps the most obvious choice of ours. I still only take one, as taking 2 in most games seems harsh in my book… but that is a reflection of the gaming scene in my area too.

I try to think of it as a regular stone thrower. So if I roll low on the Earth Shaker effect, I’m not disappointed. I target the unit I need to whittle badly. Now, that being said I also hope that it being slowed down will also allow me to pummel it some more. If there are several targets that are good to choose, I will aim more center mass of their units for 2 reasons… 1 being so it can drift and still hopefully do damage… and 2 for the Earth shaker effect to possibly be potent.

I have used it as counter battery fire (I can possibly kill the crew, or potentially silence it with the special rules). The Earth shaker is very good at this as it really has those two ways to possibly silence the battery!

I am lethally accurate with guess ranges. At a recent tournament my opponent told me that I would say “I want it on that figures head and the guess is X” ". and that when a hit was rolled… I got it right on the guys head!

Armored Hobgoblins

I personally think this is an underestimated option. For the cost, they are phenomenal. The opponent will also take the unit a little more seriously, especially when you let them know they are WS3 and not WS2 like normal Gobbos. The most I’d ever give them of command options is a musician. As having that for ties or rallying, can be nice. Though it is not of the highest priority.

They can hold up against softer things in combat. They perform better when charging then being charged… while true for most units, I state it for emphasis. The potential surge from animosity can be useful. I have charged dark riders hoping to over run (after setting up to charge) and hit my flanks or war machines… due to animosity surging them towards the dark riders.

It might double their cost, but I honestly think you get triple or quadruple the effectiveness from them! Very much worth it in my mind.

Hobgoblins with Bows

Right now I want to squeeze room for them. Since we are a more defensive army… the ranged fire in decent quantity that they offer can not be dismissed easily. Against fast cavalry, unarmored combat units (such as slayers, Witch Elves, etc) they are a beautiful thing. Even against random tough things like Giants, or Knights… the sheer quantity can do damage too. Again, a very cheap unit for what you get.

Sure, they have animosity. Statistically they squabble one turn. I’m fine with that with their cheap cost, and the quantity shots they offer with range.

Plus unlike Blunderbuss, we can do quantity damage on 40x40 monster units like Ogres, Treekin, Kroxigor, Trolls, etc. Again, while those might be a bit tougher to wound… 10-20 shots into them will do damage. I’d rather have 10 shots at S3… then 3 at S4-5 (often S4 if your opponent has focused any ranged attacks on blunderbuss).

Plus it frees up your warmachines to go after blocks, which they can devastate


That’s it for now… I wll post more soon…


Hobgoblin Archers while shooting can also screen your more valuable units until they get into position. If they get charged they flee, who cares.

Blunderbusses against monsters and large based units you can either 1 shot per base of the enemy or 1 shot per man on the front rank ot the blunderbusses (mine is always 7).

Alan the evil:

About BC

I’m almost totally agree with you about BC… but I’m not use them with warbanner because I prefear to have a strong block in the center of the field with BSB BC and sorcerer lord with gem of gnar into a 25 unit of CDs warrior and hammer unit of 8 black orks: I prefear to put warbanner there… they never loose an HtH combat until now…

Usually I use BC in the same way you see them: if they don’t take control of have flank this means that they took enemy attention leaving other unit much free-

It’s courios that we use them for same reason but we equip them different: I use heavy armor and GW and no command.

Beacuse of great block in the center I was forced to field hobbos arhcers for get weak enemy fast&light units… at the end of game many times I was rounded from little enemy units that threated my main unit on flanks…

I don’t use armored hobbos mainly because I don’t need they stop enemy unit but just bait and flee…

that’s all for now