[Archive] Swissdictator reports live con 'are boys


I am using th Nurgle list with the Tzeentch caster that I posted in army lists.

You can follow on my twitter feed to hear the results

First game I slaughtered Empire ruthlessly.


Game two was against Warriors of Chaos. Major victory for my daemons.

26 points from game 1. 20 from game 2.

Looking very solid. I am in the lead.


Keep it going, even if you have to kill more humans


Won game three vs the Lizards as well.

Came in 1st in the qualifier.

My thoughts? Epidemus + Plaguebearer Hordes and Nurglings = PAIN.

I had fun. Won my second game even with Epidemus Infernal Gatewayed to oblivion in mid game.