[Archive] Swiss's AoW Chaos Dwarf


I got this guy in the mail today, and in about six hours of on/off painting while I watched a Battlestar Marathon here is the result.


Looks great! I like the face, it kind of looks like a kabuki mask.


Yeah, he is great :hat off

Still waiting for my fig to show up :~ - would really like to paint him now

Ghrask Dragh:

Such a cool ini, nice work swiss, did you go for a blue cloak aswell?


Kera foehunter:

ooooo so i see your evil tough swiss !!

great job!!


very nice, now, add some highlights on the edges and you’re set.


Is there a possibility of seeing pics from behind and above aswell?:P:P


Is there a possibility of seeing pics from behind and above aswell?:P:P

ahhha.. a butt man.. lol


Send your largest Rez pics to my email xander@chaos-dwarfs.com or PM them to me.


I’ll take some more pics today, with better lighting. Including some ‘rear’ shots our good friend Arashi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the compliments. I really love this sculpt, it is a wonderful little figure.

Ghrask Dragh: Yes, I went with the blue cloak.

Xander: Certainly, I’ll send you the best pics I have! What are you using them for? :slight_smile:


interesting paint sceme,looks good

do you paint your whole army that way?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks good! Different paint choice! :smiley:


Very cool!

The only minor point of criticism is that the mini is too glossy. I think a bit more dim will enhance it.

Otherwise very successful! :hat off



Hazkar: I didn’t go for Red/Black with the rest of the army. Blue, Black, and a little bit of Red instead.

Zanko: Yeah, I don’t get it. It’s nowhere near as glossy in person :frowning: It’s just the right level in person however. A friend said I have the uncanny ability to make figures that look good in person, but make for horrible pictures.

Kera foehunter:

swiss did you dip this model

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Swiss…might be your camera settings.

I, for one, like a glossy finish on some of my models. Might not be correct for “Cammo”, but shiny can be nice too!


Nice! I like the contrast of the red and black on the helm.

However, I’d recommend you thin your paints a bit more - some of the detail seems to be quite obscured.


@ Tarrakk Blackhand: Fortunately each one has different preferences in painting - otherwise it will become boring! :stuck_out_tongue:

                              But I must agree sometimes is glossy a good opportunity! :cheers


Pyro Stick:

I dont think blue was the best choice for this mini but it still looks good. You need to take more pics though.


i realy like the red colour