[Archive] Sympathies to our Polish friends


Poland mourns president's death in crash - CNN.com

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I wish to extend my sympathies to all our Polish friends. This is, indeed, sad news.


Indeed what Swiss said I express as well.


Weird coincidence, I was about to do the same, I know we have a lot of Polish members. Sad times.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Bad news indeed! I hope the country will be ok. There should be someone to take up the position until a new election is held.


I give my humble commiseration, it indeed sad news.


This is a terrible accident are thoughts are with you


It is a shocking accident really, but made worse by the fact that so many high profile people were on the same plane.


Dang. :confused:

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Yes, it is quite sad. Though im in the US, I still don’t trust our government. Anyway, I wont ramble on and on about government conspiracies, I express my sympathies, and hope it was a accident.


This is sad news, I express my sympathies aswell.