[Archive] Tactica?


Having visited several sites while trying to decide what army to play, I found several tacticas for all of the different armies, except Chaos Dwarfs. I’ve bought a BFSP and everything, but I’m kind of at a loss to what units are best for what roles, and general tactics of the units.

Now I’m not sure if this is the same topic as the “common tactical questions” thread, but I think that some of the tactical geniuses of Hashut should get together (Skype, ICQ, AIM, MSN, etc.) and come up with some sort of tactica that covers units, basic army lists, common tactics, etc.

Personally, I’d be able to enjoy the Chaos Dwarfs a lot more if there was some sort of guide like this. It could be complete with fluff and all (seeing as how our army list is kind of weak in that regard). I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels more involved with the army by reading a compiled list, such as many of the tacticas on other websites. You almost lost me to the tree-huggers (yes, I bought the armybook and a spellsinger!) for Hashut’s sake!

Anyways, I hope that this could be a project for the well-learned generals of CD Online. Just throwin’ it out there…:cheers


Well I can give you two tactics wich I’m familure with first BB’s

the are a fanominal unit wich in theroy have a 15 in range after you move 3 inches.They come withe hevey armor and if you think thell die you can buy them great weopons for combat punch.

Now warriors are ok they can carry a magicle standerd but only the 2 we have WB and slavary.If a charicters in there they kick ass.They work well in units of 25.

Other than that I’m still exparimenting with the other units.


Oh, and thing I just thought of too is having a section on Warbands and lists/tactics in small and large warbands.


Also, use at least one earthshaker, it�s one of the most effective things in our army list. Not only for damage sake, but it will reduce the enemies advance as well as his shooting.

The Raven:

And it will make you lose friends, trust me on that one:)

hobgoblins are effective screen and bait units, and in my experience quite good in combat. Wolf riders or lone hobbo heroes on wolves make effecitve marchblockers, with them on one flank and the Earth shaker on the other.

I’ll write some more detailed tactica some time, though I have only limited experience I’m quite good at theory:P