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Hey with the new High Elf book out soon and i was just thinking, how are people going to take on this new (and undoubtedly cheesy) version of the High Elves. The prospect of facing two dragons in a 2000 point does actually scare me. So any ideas how to take on the new high elves?


Earthshakers are scary even for dragons but blunders might come into there own as ASF makes there infantry more aggressive in combat but s5 blunders should shred there ranks.There flyer/fast capability is formidable so gaurds for ES will be essential .Of course lots of bait and pin tactics will be necessary for elves are fast and formidable with there new army book:hat


They’re still only Toughness 3 elves with a suck armour save.

Earthshakers and bolt throwers will rip them to pieces (not to mention blunderbusses heheheh).

Our leadership is so high that the Dragon’s terror shouldn’t matter much, and as for the dragons themselves, my understanding is that there are different types of dragons, including some which are basically not much better than any other ridden monster.��That means with any luck bolt throwers can take them out, especially if the weedier dragons still count as large targets.

Speed of Asuryan on anything other than Great Weapons or Heroes shouldn’t really matter that much.��Our toughness 4, 3+ armour save (in combat) stunties will laugh at their Speed of Asuryan rule.

I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over the new Elf book.��They have a lot of cool new goodies, but they’ll still be paying a lot of points for them.��In reality Elves will be an army that costs so many points it will be hard to build a “take on all comers” list.��Their numbers will be few.

Uzkul Werit:

On the hold, this new book is good. Balanced and fair. However that ASF simply just doesn’t make sense. So only pick combats you are certain of winning. Pick on small Archer units or Bolt Throwers. And avoid characters like the plague. That’s where the true terror of ASF lies.

Oh! And Blunderbusses work a treat on Swordmasters.

baba yaga:

shoot their pointy eared ass, flank their elite units… with their high M and I they would probabily strike first anyway. Did I mention shooting them?


I just played them today for the first time. He didn’t take a dragon, so I lucked out there. I found using missle walls worked really well, though luck played a fair part in the battle (and by luck I mean Creeping Death causing 17 strength 1 no save hits to his big ass dragon prince unit that could move through terrain without penalty and killing them all). If my earthshakers hadn’t misfired three times I’d have had a much easier time of it too (serves me right for taking 2 in a 2000pt battle). But back to tactics…


T=bolt thrower

H=hobbgoblin archers

C=chaos dwarf warriors


S=sneaky gitz







The one thing to keep in mind here is to keep 10" between the hobbos and the chaos dwarf units behind. the hobgoblin archers and boltthrowers will pound them as they advance. flee with the hobbos when they get charged. And if they charge the bolt throwers, big deal, there wont me many targets left for them at this point anyways. since the units (unless they’re cavalry) will fail the charge, just walk up and unload with the blunders. bye bye elf boys (except those friggin pheonix guard…what kind of unit gets a 4+ ward!!!)


I think the new High Elves look quite balanced even with two dragons. If your high elf opponent takes a dragon then count yourself lucky that he’s given you 350+ points to take down with your multiplw bolt throwers.

Uzkul Werit:

Three games at my gaming club yesterday had the High Elves in them. They won one game and lost the other two. Not one of the armies had a dragon (although there was a Griffon who got killed by a Skaven Assassin) and they were all relatively small, based around footmen.

I don’t think we have much to worry about gentlemen.


only thing im worried about is there, well bolt throwers, cav, charcters and monsters,

but chaos dwarfs will still beat them cos we can counter anything a army like that throws at us


Time will tell as army generals get used to the new list. I will be getting my book soon, I can continue to play them while my CDs are under construction.

Lava Lord:

Grunts, what of your line of sight for the earth shakers? Isn’t it rather restricted, assuming they aren’t on a hill.


step one: dont panic. treat them like anyother army. their biggest advantage right now is people freaking out about them. they are better, but not scary.


HE strenght comes from cavalry and chariots even in this edition, with the addiction of charachters, phoenix and swordmasters. However your main problem will be reducing their movement enough to prevent their cavalry and chariots to get to you dwarfs. The infantry is not that powerful as long as you get blunderblusses ready to fire, and hobbos screening.