[Archive] Tamurkhan Book useable or not?


Hopefully I have not dredged up some thread somewhere, but since I have now invested in the Tamurkhan book and did not ask the question previously, I will now.

Will the book/list be allowed at most local tournaments? I understand that each tournament has it’s own rulesets and choices they can make, but have they (tourney organizers), for the most part been allowing or not allowing the book/list?

I am just looking for a rough consensus so that I do not go down this rabbit hole too far!


This may shed some light. I’m sure I’ve seen another related thread too.



There haven’t been many tournaments since it was properly released. My local GW allows them in their small tournaments, no big tournaments locally until later this year.

richard barby:

depends on the TO running it more than GW as long as they are not running it its going to be the TO or the club running its call


From what I heard GW’s official line was that they’d allow it in their tournaments… but really most people play in FLGS where mileage may vary. The popularity of CD have only grwon with Tamurkhan and as long as that interest continues to grow the inculsion in tournaments is only more likely.

The threshold for TO’s have always been the lack of familiarity for other players keeping FW rules out. So once there are enough of us playing, we will gain greater acceptance.


Thanks for the comments! I guess I will have the opportunity to back out of the purchase of the book, as I received this email from GW today;

"Recently, you placed an order with Games Workshop for the Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos book which is currently out of stock and will no longer be available on our Games Workshop website."

So I guess I will just use the Indy GT ruleset until GW finds a way to back up CD’s!


You can still buy if from Forgeworld, yo! http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer/Warhammer-Forge-Books/TAMURKHAN-THE-THRONE-OF-CHAOS.html


I find there is usually no problem. Had no issues with it in general play and my local tournies allow for it. Ultimately your best approaching you local lgs/gws and tournies for their opinion but I suspect you will more likely find them open minded then not. The only scary element in the list is the K’daai destroyer, mainly because people tend not to bring enough chaff and redirectors to deal with it effectively.


Not so easy to answer without taking in account your localization…
Maybe you should tell us where you live, and someone from this country should tell you if the LoA list is useable or not.
In France, the LoA list is pretty well accepted, and many local tournaments allow it, and sometimes to the detriment of the Ravening Hordes list…


The first major tournament of the year out here on the West Coast (California, US) is the SAWS Challenge (usually about 80 players) in May and they’re making the switch from RH to Legion of Azgorh. The biggest tournament on the west coast is the Quake City Rumble (around 110 players) which is in July this year and they’re also making the switch from RH to LOA. In fact, they’re also allowing the Chaos and Empire troops that are in the Tamurkhan book as well meaning Nurgle Trolls and Plague Toads, etc are allowed. The one thing they’re not allowing is CD troops in Chaos Warrior armies. My guess is that all the other West Coast and Mid West tournaments will follow suit which probably means all the East Coast tournies as well. Basically, it looks like the Legion of Azgorh list will be the legal CD tourney list here in the US.


CD troops as in foot soldiers or as in anything from LoA?


Well, here in the UK, LoA was allowed at Winter incursion (120 player event, last on the tournament calendar) and will be allowed at The south coast GT (160 player event, largest and most anticipated event of the year, Tickets sold out in 28 minutes!) and also Tempest V (100 player event held 3 times a year).

All in all i think the book will make appearances across the indie tournament scene. I see no reason why it shouldn’t.


CD troops as in foot soldiers or as in anything from LoA?

CD troops meaning you can't use anything from LOA in Chaos Warrior armies, other than the Hellcannon of course.


@Burske, you should really ask Thommy H whether or not the list is legal. He really seems to know about these things and I bed he’d love it if he was asked :wink:


Thommy H:

I’m now at the point where I’ll just post links to things I’ve already said seventeen times.


I'm now at the point where I'll just post links to things I've already said seventeen times.

Thommy H
Hah! Well, that's fair enough, actually!


Adepticon, the largest Midwest Tournament, arguably the largest remaining National as well, is allowing the LoA list.

Da Crusha:

I tried to buy tamurkhan for saws and QCR but my FLGS recently told me that they couldn’t get it anymore. now I guess Im obligated to pay a premium from forgeworld. :mad


Where are you? My local one still has a copy…


Thanks again for the information everyone. I did contact GW and they are no longer selling the book and you are only able to get it from FW.

@Thommy H: Do you the Tam book and/or do you have an LOA list? I did read through the other threads before posting, and tried to pull your book/list, but as of yet have not been able to download it. I’m from the US, Midwest, and our local tournies haven’t said anything yet about the book, and are still using the Indy GT rules. I am still fairly new to this whole game (about a year) and have many conflicting lists, books and opinions. I just assumed that LOA would be the norm, but now question that decision as hasty. I will just keep trying to DL your list so that I can check that out!