[Archive] Taur'ruk hammers



Recently I’ve been toying with a combat list.

Try as I might, I can’t make it close that gap of fun & effective.

I’ve dropped some things (great taurus) and picked up two BC Taur’ruks.

One has a 1+ reroll save and a Great weapon

one has 1 1+, charmed shield (cannons) and sword of anti-heroes.

(not enough points to max out w bsb around)

Are these guys enough to punch into units? How have your BC’s preformed in the past?

I have this feeling that they’re essentially Shaggoths (current, not upcoming book) but with an armor save and no thunderstomp.

Is this just a sink of points?


It’s a good guy, but without thunderstomp, it’s not as efficient as a monster…
With 4A, you may need to give him something that makes him hit… Cause its S5 is good, but poor rolls, and you finish with one hit S5…
I advise to give him sword of strike or ASF sword (even if I prefer the first one, cheaper, and 2+ to hit is very often as good as 3+ with reroll…)

The other way to use them is to explore what they do well : toughness. It’s another way to play them, but with crown of command for example, it’s easy to stop something in order to catch it with the destroyer or iron…

Is this just a sink of points?
It must be good. Just get a look to the ETC restriction… It seems that they find it good…
PS : great taurus is nice though. S6 thunderstomp is great against so many things…:smiley: