[Archive] Taurus or Lammasu


Which is better?

I am thinking a Taurus, for one you get 2 extra attacks, +1 ws to the Lammasu and S is better too and for only 3 points more… and only think lammasu has up on taurus is its 30 points cheaper AND it has a better leadership, but leadership with any dwarf army, why do you need a mount with awesome leader ship if your units have more leadership already?

Thommy H:

S is better too and for only 3 points more
Not sure how you calculated that.

Also, given that a Lammasu can only carry a Sorcerer Lord and a Taurus can only carry a Lord, you can't exactly compare them - if you want your Sorcerer to ride a monster it has to be a Lammasu; you don't get a choice. As it stands, the Lammasu is obviously the inferior monster, but it has MR and will be used differently because it's ridden by a spell-caster. It all depends on your strategy and army.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think you meant 30 points, not 3 :wink: Also, you’re likely to be using the Taurus as a method of getting th lord into combat and helping him out, whereas a Lammasu will be for trying to keep you sorcerer out of combat, protecting him from magic and helping him last in combat if he somehow gets there, just long enough for help to arrive.


taurus, definitely…

the lammasu is a very nice model, its stats are, well, ok, but not anywhere near worth the points… although it could be quite fun abusing it once for some dark-mace-of-deathing-action, which could be good for some laughs…

the taurus on the other hand is stats-wise almost a dragon, immune to fire, points-wise a bargain and doesn´t need an extra hero choice… and probably

the cds most versatile option


taurus of course, as raotak said it is comparable to a dragon and even if a dragon and it whent face to face the taurus will drill the dragon by a mile. and it gets your lord in combat quick adding another and helping it out, but the big thing is this all comes for only 230pts

Thommy H:

A Taurus is not comparable to a Dragon at all. Dragons cost about 100 points more and are superior in pretty much every way. A Taurus is closer to a Griffon.

zorn sabretooth:

tarus 4A whats not to love?


Unlike a griffon and a lammasu, the taurus has an armor save, a breath weapon, and is immune to fire (more flaming attacks then ever these days).


from my perspective which is going to be a very magiv heavy army i am thinkin about taking a lammasu. cd lords are great and all but they both have 10 leadership and i dont like fighing charchters they are expensive and almost never pay for their points in battles