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I just watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The parts in the mines and in the religious ceremonies really reminded me of what I think a Chaos Dwarf mine and Temple to Hashut would be like. Even one of the guys Indy fights looks like a (albeit man-sized) Chaos Dwarf. Has anyone else noticed this, or have other media that reminds them of Chaos Dwarfs?

I also remember thinking of Chaos Dwarfs when playing through Blackrock Mountain when I used to play World of Warcraft, especially the Dark Iron Dwarves sections.


Love that movie. Its from that oversized bearded thuggee that I got my inspiration for the Ind allies for my CD. Burrying people in lava pits seems CDish enough. I think thats actually what they do acording to the fluff.


I watched it a few days ago. The ritual stuff with the lava is pretty cool indeed!

zorn sabretooth:

…but would cd eat monkey brains?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Of course. Ice is a delicacy in the CD plains :smiley: Therefore, frozen Monkey Brains with ice from Norsca and Monkeys from lustria is a true treat ;D

Kera foehunter:

Yea a couple of week a go they play all three on tv.

Wow!!! he can surly use a whip


I just saw it too. I gotta say, I remember that movie being much better when I was a kid. It’s one of those things where you don’t watch something you loved as a kid, because it will ruin it. I did the same thing with Land of the Lost. Those sleestaks were more ridiculous than scary. But that said, there was some cool imagery in the Temple of Doom movie.


This might get a little bit off-topic, but has anyone seen the new Indiana Jones? I went in expecting something as bad as or worse than the last three Star Wars films, but I actually really liked it. I strongly feel they shouldn’t have spoiler shown the actual aliens at the end, or the saucer taking off, end spolier but other than that, it was good. I actually think it is probably the best since Raiders.



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