[Archive] Terminator with 'jump pack'!?


I had a crazy idea for a conversion the other day.

Long story short its a Grey Knight Grand Master in terminator armour.  He would be armed with a Nemesis force halberd and something mounted like a storm bolter, but not quite (a laspistol or plasma pistol etc).  

On his back would be a one of a kind artifact; a Terminator jump pack!  It would be shaped a little like the wings of the eagle (going backwards rather than sideways). A special character I make up basically.

Why would you need a jump pack when you can deep strike you ask?  Once he deep strikes he can fly around and land one hell of a punch!

IMO you can get away a little more pushing the boundaries with GK because they get to pick all the best weapons.

I know they’re not supposed to have them… But I thought it would make for a cool conversion:)


As you might have guessed, I know next to nothing about 40k :cheers

All these ideas are for display purposes only.  Not intended to be game legal, but I’d prefer them to be at least within the realms of vaguely possible.

Another question, what type of guns does Marneus Calgar have?  Would it be totally rediculous to give something similar to some assault marines?  Again, not intended to be game legal.

Captain Crayon:

Marneus Calgar has the Gauntlets of ultramar…

Something he took from a defeated chaos champion and who’s inner workings are a mystery because the tech priests have never been able to enter its admantium shell…

or something.

I think they’re a twin linked boltgun and 2 power fists.

Or maybe a storm bolter and 2 power fists… i always get my 40k editions mixed up.


Hi Grim,

For modelling purposes, I think it’d look really cool, and within the realms of possibility, sure.

I know you didn’t really ask this, but in-game, I’d let you play with it. Unfortunately, I’m sure a lot of people would get a little upset at the idea of a terminator with a jump pack. I mean, it’s not like you’re not doing it “for teh win” but you’d need people who understand that to play against. For not-so-friendly games, you could just treat them as ornamental.



In terms of an awesome idea its great, in game terms though it ain’t gonna happen. As far as Calgar’s weapons go they’re one offs, so giving them to lowly assault marines wouldn’t be very fluffy. In the end though, its your hobby. Do whatever the hell you want and I’ll look forward to the models