[Archive] Testing scale mail - updated w/ finished model


okay, so a few of you saw the quick test I did in the Ideas&Advice section on scale mail.��Anyway it was so quick to do that I scrounged up a spare dwarf and went to town.

I started off like normal, by blocking out the sections with a smooth layer of green stuff and trimming them to fit.��I then used the method I showed to put some quick scales on.��Wow, it goes really fast on the model itself.��The only spots where it gets a bit tricky are doing the very last row of scales.��Which was only a problem as I was using the regular dwarfs which have their armour contained between 2 strips, instead within a square.��If you were using BfSP dwarfs I don’t think that it would ba an issue.��Also, I had to pull an xacto knife out for the row before the belt because I couldn’t quite angle the tool correctly.��you wont really be able to see it once it has gear on him though

Anyway, on to the pictures.

(you’ll notice he doesn’t have a face yet, I’m letting the torso scales dry before I start sculpting the beard)

[/URL][edited to add new pics to the top of the thread]

Pictures: finished test model



Wow your concept work nicly now I feel I have to make a unit with scale mail.


Looks great!

A whole unit of them should look stunning on the battle field

Cant wait to see more sculpting work from you


I will probably try it on my wolfriders. Thanks.


That looks very nice! A very unique style, well done. I await the finished product!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

It looks like a lot of work, but the end result more than pays off for that. Personally I prefer the rectangular scales from a visual point of view, but the triangular scales are more like the real thing the Persian Cataphracts of Antiquity actually wore.


i cant decide which i look the look of better. ive kept the chainmail on my rank and file so far and used square scale on my hero. i might try the triangle scales if i do a unit or 2 of great weapons.

i think triangles probably go better if you arent using big hats, as you need another thing to differentiate from regular dwarfs.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like both types, but have always preferred triangle scales visually (in general, at any rate). Where is the first attempt, please? I haven’t bee on in a few days and would like to try this on some models.


I added pics of the finished model to the top of the thread. I’m going for a evil version of the longbeards mask with mine. In fact, I may end up mixing some of their masks in later on to speed up the process. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the dwarf shield, maybe… maybe not. I think if I do it up evil looking the face shield will be alright. Also, I don’t have any marauder shield on hand.


Really excellent work grimsnikk, very precise. Is that just a normal dwarf warrior?


Nice work. I’ll be trying this on my second unit I think.




I used a normal dwarf torso and front, with the new miner arms. I replaced the hand at the wrist with a chaos warrior.

The miner sprue gives lots of extra arms, so if you replace them at the wrist you can make them look like they aren’t holding great weapons.


This guy looks really good - I am surprised to note that I think the dwarf shield actually looks pretty good as it is! It’s a pretty angry shield to begin with. The mask also looks fantastic, well done sir! :cheers


I love that evil mask grimsnikk :cheers

Ghrask Dragh:


The CD armour is supposed to be a ‘dragon scale’ design isn’t it? which this captures perfectly! I am going to put in alot practice so my minis can look half as good as this!!

Congrats Grimsnikk!


That looks so damn clean and cool :D, gonna TRY to make the same kinda scales on my dwarfs too.


I like it very much - and the ‘facejob’ is excellent!


Your greenstuff-fu is very strong…

Very crisp scale mail, not an easy thing to do.

Love to see more of them though.