[Archive] That such a "Non-English Language Threads" in Chaos-Dwarfs.com?


Only is one suggestion.

For the that not speak English he’s good. :slight_smile:

Alls the members of Site can to express oneself in other languages : in Swedish, in German, in Spanish, in Italian, in Finnish… etc. Equal that in Warseer : http://warseer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=27

:hat off


im not the best in speaking english,but i have no problem with that

cause it keeps me staying in training


Well, I’m a cosmopolitan man of the world, so I don’t feel threatened when people wish to speak in their mother tongue. PLus I have Babelfish on my browser, so I can (kinda) see what they’re talking about.

My only concern is that every discussion that takes place there isn’t building toward the community as a whole, but in a sense that is rather conceited because one could say that about using english as well, but I guess as CDO is pre-dominantly in english it is a necessary to understand it in order to use it.


I would also imagine that moderating would become pretty difficult if the staff can’t read what’s being said, particularly if an argument were to brew up.


As one who speaks all of the above, well not Italian a man’s gotta have some standards, I still don’t think it is a good idea.

English is the Lingua Franca of the Internet, and is also the lowest common denominator (sorry Britts & Yanks) for us. I’m not fan of having discussions I cannot partake in. Those are for PMs.

Alan the evil:

What happens if I want to open a thread in my language?

I don’t know how many of you could read and answer me in italian… I don’t want to feel alone in my discussions!!

I take this forum even like a great possibility to improve my english!

So, respect for your porpouse Henroth… but I don’t think it could be a good idea …


As Henroth said, there are wargame forums that either cover most languages (in a specific section), or are 100% based in another language.  CDO is not either of these, so we have to keep it in English (or American if you must :)).  Lol.  It is next to impossible for the staff to do anything if discussions are in another language.

Alan the evil:

I was thinking about what Henroth said…

I already said that I should not like the idea of not english threads…

but I hope to don’t go out of topic saying that I’d like if english mother tounge threaders could try to post in a more undestandable way as it possible…

usually I post in gaming section because it’s more easy to understand (strategy words are the same around the world).

sometimes when i read in Discussion section or background section I had some probems to catch slang or way of saying so far way from my knowledge…

I don’t want to fall in a bad argumentation because I’m very happy to share this forum with so many people who love my same army, but I think that try to be clear in the way of speaking can help this great site to be joined even more worldwide


I agree with the others!

In my opinion the common language in CDO should be english (or better english and pidgin-english :D)! :cheers

So (with a bit of work) I can follow nearly all threats (except these ones with much slang!) and that´s fine. I´m against a “2 class society”. :wink:



I already posted in another thread, but I’d like to see our people make a better effort to speak as plain or common English as they can and keep the slang, leetspeak, netspeak, textspeak down or remove it completely.

Being someone that knows more than one language, it’s tough enough when things are typed out properly, but when slang and other nonsensical text-typing is added, it just confuses those that do not speak English as their native tongue.

I know that if I didn’t speak English, I’d appreciate a more concerted effort, as lately, it’s gone rampant with text-style posting…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I’m definitely against posting threads in another language here. Just think of what this would lead to - all the cool ideas that only a few % of the people can follow! :frowning:


Speaking from the staff perspective it’d highly unlikely for the reason already mentioned, trying to moderate in another or possibly multilple languages gets difficult.


Well, then I improve my english. To be very difficult, because Spain is The Bermuda Triangle of the foreigns languages. :~

OK, matter finish.

:hat off

Kera foehunter:

i can see the staff point on this one !!!


While I have a lot of respect for those members who do not speak English as their first language (and in some cases they speak English better then a lot of people I know), I think that between (as far as I know) the difficulty of the staff to moderate those sections… and the predominance of English… it’d be easier to keep it in English.

I intend no disrespect… and I really need to get around to either improving my French from abysmal to moderately useful… or picking up Italian. So I also wish to show some respect :cheers to those of the community who do speak multiple languages.


It should also be noted that we won’t judge or attack members with poor spelling or grammar and we won’t criticize if you don’t understand.

to me, Warhammer is a foreign language (lol) so I ask clarifying questions. if you don’t understand something, just ask. I understand it can be overwhelming or intimidating (i would never survive on a French forum!) so I have a lot of respect for our multi-lingual members, who do quite well in English.

you can always PM someone for direct clarification if you’d rather not post in the thread. It will only strengthen the unity of CDO anyways :slight_smile:


who do quite well in English.

Even I ? :)


who do quite well in English.

Even I ? :)

Yes, even you!

Kera foehunter:

well it would be cool to learn some of the greeting of different languages


Also to make threads in other languages, we need a sufficiently large population of user that talk the foreign language to keep the thread living. Warseer have more than 50,000 registered users. CDO have more than 1,000 and although this is much I am not sure it will be enough (as the number of active dedicated user tend to be quite smaller).

I have seen other forums try this and ending it because no-one came but a few odd people that spoke more than one language. But it was on french forums, and english forums seems to be more cosmopolitan than french ones as english is the lingua franca of our times, so it might work better on an english forum than on a french one.