[Archive] The 2007 CDO Community Awards! - Cast your votes now!


The time has come to cast your votes for the CDO Community Awards for 2007. Thanks to all who sent in their nominations, 18 slaves are headed your way!

Now before you vote, let’s go over the categories once more!

The categories are:

Best Attitude - A member should be nominated on their forum presence and behaviour towards other members, displaying exemplary attitudes of kindness and encouragement.

Best General - This member is always ready to give advice on army lists, has very good lists of his own, and perhaps has won a tournament or two using his Chaos Dwarf army.

Best Hobbyist - A nominee for this award has contributed an amazing model, or models that exemplifies what a Chaos Dwarf army should look like: flawless execution of conversion and painting while adhering to the Chaos Dwarf mythos.

Best Contributor - This award will go the member that has contributed most to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs. He or she has done or made something that has profoundly benefited the presence of Chaos Dwarfs as a whole!

Best Overall Member - This member may not be the best hobbyist, might not ever win a tournament, but he or she has a great presence on the site, the forum, the wiki, the chat and whatever else! They are dedicated to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs!

Alright! Now you are ready to vote!

Click here to cast votes!


I believe the polls close tommorow (25th). So vote now and have your say!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I can’t remember if I nominated or not now. Bugger. Off to vote!


Not fair me voting as I havent been here long enough to judge, next year I wil do :slight_smile: