[Archive] The 501st Legionaries 3000pt LoA


So i have finally got my hands on the Drazhoath on Bale Taurus model :cheers. That combined with the fact that i am on vacation has inspired a buddy of mine and i to play a 3000pt battle, which will take place in 2-3 weeks time. I decided to build an army around a Sorcerer-Prophet on a Bale Taurus and have come up with the following.

Any comments, critiques, gripes, and/or feedback of any kind will be most welcome and thank you all for your time and efforts.

“The 501st Legionaries” Legion of Azgorh 3000pts

Zoroaster the Fallen, Bane of Creation 615pts

Level 4 Wizard (Lore of Death or Hashut not sure which)

Talisman of Preservation

Enchanted Shield

Crown of Command


Bale Taurus

Xerxes Madhammer, Keeper of the Flame 210pts


Stone Mantle

Great Weapon


Zhrakk Blackheart, Disciple of Apocalypse 125pt

Level 1 (lore of death)

Dispel Scroll


Havak Ironchest, The Accursed 115pts

Level 1 Wizard (lore of death)

Chalice of Blood and Darkness

29 Infernal Guard “Heaven’s Thunder” 547pts

Standard and Musician

Hailshot Blunderbusses

Gleaming Pennant

(Xerxes here)

12 Infernal Guard “Heaven’s Fire” 224pts

Standard and Musician


12 Infernal Guard “Heaven’s Fools” 224pts

Standard and Musician


Magma Cannon “Thought” 145pts

Magma Cannon “Memory” 145pts

K’daai Destroyer “Bane” 325pts

K’daai Destroyer “Render” 325pts

Deployment will look something like this:



Magma Cannon=M

K’daai Destroyer=K


Deamonsmith= D



Essentially, i am hoping to put enough high threat units on the board to keep my Sorcerer-Prophet in the game long enough to take out any and all war machines then hit the enemy in the rear. The Blunderbuss unit will move up enough to be within range of something shoot it, absorb the charge and reform. The Fireglaives will protect my war machines and the flanks of the blunderbusses. The deamonsmith’s will provide re-rolls and cast spirit leech whenever possible.

Again, any comments are most welcome and :cheers


I think 2 kdiis is a bit much and you probably only need one ds with the points you save id have a death shreeker and a unit of 6bulls and may b even have a hg hero think these things will make the army a lot better balanced and if you wanted get rid of a unit of fireglaves and have a horde of hobgobs with bows well that’s just what id have


Seems tough and I really like the symmetry of your deployment (kinda a thing of mine), but dropping a KD and adding on 6 BC’s or a maxed out HG unit with Khan does also sound pretty good.

I’d say stick with what you got though… I like the look of it and it’s less models to paint, which is also a bonus. But then again some NEW FW BC’s would look pretty sweet as well!


Firstly, I have no experience of Chaos Dwarfs and in most cases barely know the rules for the units as I can only go with my Army Builder, however I have a couple of questions regarding your lore choice especially on the Daemonsmiths.

Obviously yours is a stand and shoot army, which leads me onto the point of the Daemonsmiths, what spells are you hoping for each of them as the Lore of Death is extremely short ranged I can only assume that you’re hoping for either something big such as Purple Sun or my personal favourite Soulblight (I actually consider the boosted version of this better then purple sun!). Or you plan on using the Signiture Spell Spirit Leech to cause some headaches to flanking units (Eagles, Vargulfs-works great on theem ect) If you were to consider a unit of two of Hobgoblin Cutthroats then I would suggest that you send the Purple Sun through this unit first (to gain a few more PD) before hoping to either decimate the enemy or block off a large section of the battlefield.


So after looking at the list again i decided to change it up a bit to stay in line with my love for hellcannon and use the iron demons for the first time.

to answer your question Hellforged i am torn between lore of death or fire for my deamonsmith. i like spirit leech alot but figure fireball will be a much better choice and if i can get flamming sword i can beef up my sorcerer prophet and heal my bale taurus at the same time :smiley:

So here is the new list please let me know which you folks find better. Will probably be playing sometime this weekend.

The 501st Legion “The Siege Breakers” 3000pts

Zoroaster the Fallen, Bane of Creation 585pts


Level 4 Wizard (Lore of Hashut hoping for Ashstorm, signature, curse of hashut and flames of azgorh)

Talisman of Preservation

Dragon helm


Bale Taurus

Xerxes Madhammer, Keeper of the Flame 200pts


Mask of the Forge (thinking of going w/blackhammer and talisman of endurance)

Great Weapon (would go with the enchanted shield and ironcurse icon)

Havak Ironchest, The Lost 145pts

Level 1 Wizard (Lore of Fire)

Chalice of Blood and Darkness

24 Infernal Guard, The Madhammers 385pts

Standard and Musician

Great Weapons

Gleaming Pennant

10 Infernal Guard, The Firestarters 190pts

Musician and Standard


10 Infernal Guard, The Dragon’s Teeth 190pts

Musician and Standard


Iron Demon War Engine, The Lion’s Maw 285pts

Iron Demon War Engine, The Northern Fist 285pts

Hellcannon, The Father’s Call 205pts

Hellcannon, The Holocaust 205pts

K’daai Destroyer, The Begotten 325pts

Deployment will look like this

Zoroaster= Z

BSB will be with the Madhammers




Iron Demon= I


K’daai= K




The plan will be to hold back and allow my Iron Demons and Hellcannons soften targets. The iron deamons will them hopefully pin stuff in place to allow flank charges. The General will avoid combat except war machines and infantry units with support from the K’daai. Finally the infantry units will act as the second wave.

Any thoughts are welcome i am interested to see which list you folks find superior, i know i like the new one more myself. Thanks for your time and efforts and cheers :cheers


I like it.

I’m thiking that Lore of Fire would be better due to the increased range and the healing properties so probably right in going down that route. Great weapon Infernal Guard is that a modelling choice?