[Archive] The Age of Sigmar is upon us!


The 9th Edition of Warhammer is on our doorstep and it’s sure to bring a lot of changes to our favourite army. If you don’t know, this new edition brings a streamlined set of rules (only 4 pages), and instead relies upon “Warscrolls” for each unit in the game to flesh out the game’s complexity.

As of yet, there are no Warscrolls for Chaos Dwarf generals to use.

Using a bit of detective work and making his first post, forum member Chopper_Dave asked Forge World if they will be providing us with Warscrolls. The answer was yes! But it may take some time. It’s also been confirmed on the Forge World website.

As we wait for our rules, our very own Thommy H has outdone himself and, in record time, has compiled a Warscrolls Compendium for his take on Chaos Dwarfs in the new era.

I encourage everyone to give it a look, and as usual, keep the drum beat for the Chaos Dwarf Empire alive! (Link: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=15890)


I don’t know if this is technically 9th ed or not, as its not warhammer.


Agreed with Grimstonefire - fairly sure it’s a seperate game, not 9th ed.


Hehe, I must say that was an unexpected image to find when I saw the front page. Glad to see that AoS hasn’t killed the enthusiasm for everybody…


FORGET AoS. Whoever designed it isn’t fit to pour


Thommy is the king. Seriously.


Well, I didn’t mean to start a semantics war. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s room for multiple kinds of Warhammer (and wargames) at CDO. :slight_smile:


Thommy H is a legend.

Thommy H:

Thank you, Xander, and everyone else. It’s an exciting time IMO.


I was really looking forward to AoS. But i was wrong. Very wrong.

Im stick with 8th thx


Honestly Im a little bit disorientated at the time. <br>I hope that the (relatively small) 8th edition local gaming group will not split up or fade slowly out. I dont see yet where the trip is going to.

But maybe that`s natural at this point - a few days BEFORE release.


Nice announcement thread, Xander! That should keep us updated. :wink: