[Archive] The Arabic Hobgoblins of al-hashut


well, guilt ridden by my lack of contribution to the Chaos Dwarf comunity, i halted my other projects and got some more done. In a similar style to my previously seen Hobgoblin bigboss/sheikh (see below)

I present my hobgoblin archers. Still to be based (for lack of wood chip), but i thought i’d show them off anyway…

Comments, criticism and ideas welcome as ever my fellow stunty slavers


Those are pretty spiffy! Nice work man. :slight_smile:


The idea is very original I must say!

Is that real Arabic writing on some of those robes?

Also, one reminds me very much of Achmed the dead terrorist!

For those who don’t know it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uwOL4rB-go


One really good conversion! I also love the characters! Keep on!

Chers :hat off


Love the character.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Nice mate!!! I really like the big boss. :cheers


Great work, how’d you do the turbans?


Awesome free hand paint job!

Maybe you’d make a close up.

Kera foehunter:

great job love those terbins


the colour scheme and conversions are really cool. i can almost imagine them being led by salahadin against crusading knights . . .


Thanks for all the kind replies

Ok, well got these littles fellas based up and even added a hashut symbol to the gong. This is the result

@Obsidian: Some could be, others just imitations. I used real arabic script on one of my CD banners, and i did these on a whim from memory. Still, i think they look the part

@AGPO: The turbans were just a thin ribbon of GS carefully wrapped around and pressed into place. They’ll probably turn out better once i’ve got a bit of practice (not too happy with these ones)

Kera foehunter:

now that’s some great lava baces


I like them a lot - they have lots of style and character. Also, very unique and fits the theme of the CDs I think. Great work, Al-hashut! One wonders what your wolf riders might look like - camels?


Cheers Kera, though i need a good lava tutorial, i’ve seen some great ‘white hot’ effects on some of the members blogs. Hopefully one of you guys can give me some tips, at the moment it’s just basecoated in red gore.

Damn you GRNDL. Unfortunately, i’ve got 20 of the old metal gobbo wolfriders from years back that i was going to revamp…still, i imagine a camel riding boss/big boss to lead them would allow me just the opportunity :wink:



Sorry bro, just a passing idea - for a moment I could see it and thought - that would be cool. I wasn’t thinking beyond the idea to what a full unit of camel-riding hobboes would look like… I think it would work for a character though. After all, its uniqueness that makes a character, I think.


sorry pal, think you got the wrong end of the stick. I meant, what a great idea, i’d love to have modelled that but i don’t want to waste the 20 wolves…

unless for some reason i start a dire wolves themed undead army. No, al-hashut, one thing at a time



It’s been said but I’m amazed at the freehand on their robes. I’ve never seen an idea like this before.



Those hobgoblins are Excellent ,the writing really cements the arabic look with the turbans :hat off.Deserves a slave to help create more:hat


Love the idea, love them. gj keep it up :cheers


Is your army just green or will we see some CDs too?

However I really like your idea and the conversions a great keep them coming - cos’ I like to see more :slight_smile:

cheers mate