[Archive] the armoured ones


what started of as an idea for a gnome army has turned towards the base of my upcoming chaos dwarf army

i managed to buy a huge lot of chaos squads in heavy armour a few years ago:


(only got the one with body 2 however :s)

as my army progresses i will post pictures here of my conversions

-but you’ll have to be a bit patient though, so consider this a teaser of what’s to come-


Well, I love squats and Chaos squats.

I have some contrasting feelings to your project, it’s a good idea but need a lot of converting to get rid of those tech details. These minis are so rare and unusual, it’s a pity to modify them… paint them as Chaos Squats and field them in a Chaos Marine army and enjoy at the surprise of your 15 years old opponent! :stuck_out_tongue:

Regards, Bassman


I agree, it will be a shame, to waist them - but if you wanna do then do it, I have just taken a CD lord (the one from the Great taurus) and converted into my own kind of CD lord on Great Taurus :slight_smile:

Auretious Taak:

Very interesting concept, the models are exceedingly rare but they could work well, certainly the exo armoured chaos squats work brilliantly as is minus the bolters.

Any further ideas on what you are going to include? You could actually ramp up the technology theme as WHFB is actually quite advanced nowadays technology wise. A Tractor based Death Rocket or something like that could work, and definitely mechanical/hybrid-demon Bull Centaurs.

Any other concepts you are playing with and what kind of theme if any do you have here?