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Hello all, I’ve been stalking here for a while now and last week I decided to order the parts for a Chaos Dwarf army. Currently I have a pretty large collection of Chaos Themed armies:

Ogre Kingdoms (Slaanesh themed)
Warriors of Chaos
Vampire Counts (Nurgle Themed)

I’ve also got Daemons and Beastmen planned, but probably not till next year.  I generally play MSU, but the other armies allow me to play completely different styles. The Dwarfs of course give me access to shooting, something my others armies don’t have a lot of. That said, my CD army will be primarily a gun line style army. It will be a few weeks before my FW Order gets here, but I have a few Infernal Guard I picked up from eBay and other goodies to tide me over in the meantime. So far, this is what I’ve got to work with.

20 IG HW/Sh
20 IG Fireglaives
2 IG Commands
3 Daemonsmiths
3 Magma Cannons
3 Deathshrieker Rockets
2 Hellcannons
2 Dreadquake Mortars
40 Nightgoblins (Hobgoblin Archers)
2 Hobgoblin Khans (I’m going to be converting these)
6 Bull Centaur Renders

With all of my other armies, this looks to be a pretty busy year of painting for me. I’ll have some pics of the Infernal Guard I’m already working on soon, I have a feeling this army is going to paint pretty fast though, so stay tuned!


Welcome Khaas!

Your blog on Warseer is one of my favourites so I’m looking forward to seeing your Dawi Zharr army progress.


Thanks JMR, I’ll have my Chaos Dwarfs in my Warseer thread too. It’s become basically a dump for all of my fantasy armies instead of just Warriors. I got bases done for the melee unit of Infernal Guard and 2 of the actual IG painted (though I’m thinking of doing something on the shields). I’ll have pics up soon, I’m surprised at how quickly these guys paint. I’m fairly certain I’ll be taking this army to a tourney in a few months, so I’m also plotting a display board (I’m thinking a ziggurat with a gigantic cannon barrel) we’ll see though, I don’t want to go overboard like I did at the last tourney and have to decide between having me or the display board next to the table.


I’ve made a little progress already, so I’m going to post some shots of what I’ve been working on for the shorties.

Base for the K’dai Destroyer (I had a spare Stonehorn laying around and it sounds like fun once in a while).


Someone on this forum suggested using crackle paint for basing and I loved the results, so I decided to give it a go with my own stuff. Here’s a before…

… And after.

First batch of models arrived over the weekend, I picked these up for a song on eBay last week. I was excited so off to the bath with them.

I use this with some water to clean resin models, it’s called Dawn Power Clean. The soapy bath helps get the release agent off of the models so they’re easier to prime and paint.

These are my two test models, Tim Tom and Kevin.


Here’s Tim Tom all painted up, I have since decided to drop the gold accent in favor of Copper. I’ll also be adding some weathering effects once my order from the Warstore gets here. But this gives you a general idea of the direction I’m going.

I’ll be using some Ogre slaves as unit filler, when I put my Ogre army together I ended up with about 100 Ogre bodies and only ended up using about 40 for my army (so far). This should save me a little extra cash so I can set up more full units. One minor issue, the axe on Tim Tom… I only got one from the eBay purchase. So I’m short one hand weapon. Since I’ve already ordered more CD from Forgeworld I might try to con my way into a spare Axe once everything arrives in a couple of weeks.


I knocked together a movement tray for my first unit of Infernal Guard, also I now have 4 painted. The copper ended up looking MUCH better than the gold imo. There’s a few final touches I’ll be putting on the unit a bit later, but they’re starting to come together. Definitely really fiddly when trying to rank them up (I’ve decided to number them so I’ll be able to place them in the proper spot later). Let me know what you think so far.

Bad Gram Northern:

well that was a fun read. and a nice looking paint sheme to!


I think this is certainly the most promising painting blog since the Forgeworld models came out!

What crackle paint did you used for your bases please? I cannot found any method or link on Warseer nor here. I might steal this idea, I really like them!


they look fantastic!! keep them coming for us :wink:


I really love your tin bitz scheme, and the work of the bases.

I will be waiting for more…


Thanks guys, it’s Distress Crackle Paint from Ranger. Specifically, I’m using the clear (Rock Candy) because that’s what I could find. You can find the stuff in local hobby shops like Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the US, or buy it online. I just ordered some through eBay last week to have on hand for more bases and terrain pieces. When making these though, you have to apply something for the Crackle to stick to first. A layer of PVA glue brushed on works well, but it needs to dry. Thicker layers of Crackle make thicker cracks, the opposite is also true. It also reacts in interesting ways over irregular surfaces (I tried it on basing sand and liked how it turned out), additionally it will work over milliput and green stuff.


Cool start. Also, nice to see someone else actually using the crackle paint-basing method.

What crackle paint did you used for your bases please? I cannot found any method or link on Warseer nor here. I might steal this idea, I really like them!

Here ya’ go:



Looks very nice, keep it up. Ur baseplates looks awesome as well!!



How are you highlighting/ shading your tin bitz please?

Also, are you magnetising the shield arms?  You might want to be careful sticking them out so wide as you’ll have trouble ranking later. :wink:


Thanks guys, and Grim I’m using Vallejo Game Color mostly.

The colors on the IG are Tinny Tin as the major base color followed by a rough dry brush of Gunmetal Metal. The Gunmetal is also used on the arms and the weapons. I then added Brassy Brass as an accent, and went over the whole thing with a liberal wash of Army Painter Dark Tone. Quick, easy, and pretty effective. I use GW Khorne Red on the trim beneath the scales.

As for the arms, I’m not magnetizing them. Which is the main reason I’m doing them slowly, I’m numbering each base so I’ll know precisely where they go on the movement tray.


Very effective color scheme, thsi will be a great blog to follow :slight_smile:

Also, your blood effect is really nice.

Will be looking forward to what’s to come. :cheers


WOW the colour scheme and the base are amazing!!! Im waiting for more :slight_smile:


Just got confirmation of shipping from about 9 separate places today, Hellcannons coming from GW. Bunch of FW stuff is apparently in customs in the UK. And assorted Hobgoblin gubbins are en route here in the states.


I’ve decided to run a unit of 18 Infernal Guard as a bunker, I’ll have a Castaelan and Sorcerer in the unit. So the first rank is just for command and the two characters. I decided to use some spare Ogres I had laying around as unit filler, these should make suitable slaves.

Here’s a couple of (admittedly blurry) shots of the head I’m sculpting for the second Ogre unit filler. I wanted to give him a helmet that looked more like that of the FW Chaos Dwarfs.

And here’s the beginning of the display board, I need the room underneath for wiring and a few other surprises.

More coming soon…