[Archive] The Battle for Vorag

Uzkul Werit:

Just a little bit of background I cooked up for a tournament I’ll be going to soon. Tell me what you reckon!

This act was simply unspeakable. Awful. Blasphemy, even. But then again was it really suprising? The Westerners were normally not above such vile deeds. Ever since the Founding of Zharr Naggrund the Traitors would assualt expeditions into the Old World and steal vast deposits of ores from the Plain of Skulls. But by Hashut, this was the worst. They had taken over the Ruins of Vorag and started to mine the very obsiian that the Father of Darkness had promised them.

Uzkul Werit, the High Commandant of Gash Kadrak was certainly not going to stand for this blasphemy. The Darklands, the patch of land of between the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Mountains of Mourn was the holy land of Hashut. Any intruder had to be slain. Zharr Naggrund and Zhatan the Black had chosen to do nothing. So Uzkul Werit gathered to him a large army of Dawi Zharr, war machines and the odd Hobgoblin for good measure and marched for the coast.

“Traitorz!” Uzkul Werit called, pointing a gauntleted finger at the bearded heads poking out the rubble, “Traitorz! Show yourselvez or ve vill have to unleash ze cannonz!”

A chorus of laughter bellowed forth from the Tower.

“Move! You must be joking. The Oathstone has been set!”

“Oh vhat? Zis stone?” Uzkul asked, striking the rock in half with his spade, “Vhat stone? Move it.”


so your fighting dwarfs big deal

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