[Archive] The Beatles or Elvis

Kera foehunter:

There are only to types of People

Are you an Elvis Fan

Or are you a Beatles Fan

me I’m a Beatles fan!!!


Neither Led Zeppelin, best band ever!


Personally, I DESPISE the Beatles. Their music actually makes me recoil in disgust/pain.

Elvis, I can enjoy.

Though for music of the 20th/21st century give me Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller, Iced Earth, Rammstein, Ozzie, Amon Amarth, or Hans Zimmer.

Wow… that’s quite… a strange group.

Captain Crayon:

Definetly elvis :smiley:

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I can´t endure Elvis, one of the most overestimated singers!

The Beatles were only a medium talented boygroup!

I like the medivial touched electromusic like the german bands Qntal, Estampie or Faun. Brillant is also the dutch band Omnia.

I´m also a great Fan of the 80th New Wave Music.

I know, I know my brother always told me that my taste of music is “oldfashend” and boring …:cheers



Well, the Beatles wrote their own stuff, and although a lot of it is rather ordinary (far more than a Beatles fan would admit to) there is quite a bit of amazing musical ideas and some great tunes.

Elvis was a great singer and performer, but rather two-dimensional, there just wasn’t much in the way of variety.

Overall, I’d go with the Beatles


I’m the third kind. I don


From the chioces I’d say Beatles.

But my tastes run the gamit.


Grateful Dead


Led Zeppelin


Joan Jett

Shania Twain

Tangerine Dream

Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Pussycat Dolls



Waylon Jennings

Will Smith

Faith Hill

Toby Keith

Tim McGraw

Def Leppard

Roy Orbison

Jerry Lee Lewis

Buddy Holly

Miles Davis

Muddy Waters

Living Colour

Donna Summer


Like I said all over the place.


Not going to answer this one - its like choosing between a punch in the face or a kick in the nads. Not much point to it and it both hurts a lot, so why choose? I’d rather have neither.

Kera foehunter:

grndl you need any help with it?? i heard that cd love pain!!

but it comes back to the question ! your one or the other !!


I with The Beatles…& “Los Mojinos Escozíos” :cheers


If not can see the video, to write in Youtube : mojinos escozios mi barri de servesa


I don’t like either.

For “classic” older stuff (i.e. before 1970) you have Coltrane, Hooker, et al. Plus Creem & Blue Cheer.

Then you had Sabbath, and music was re-born.


I don’t like either.

For “classic” older stuff (i.e. before 1970) you have Coltrane, Hooker, et al. Plus Creem & Blue Cheer.

Then you had Sabbath, and music was re-born.


Black Sabbath? yes…, one of my favorite songs he’s “Iron Man”.


Sabbath did loads of cool and different stuff. My favourites include Symptom of the Universe, A National Acrobat, The Thrill of it All, Cornucopia, All Moving Parts (Stand Still), Into the Void, Snowblind, Solitude, Sabbra Cadabera…


The only Elvis I like is in Bubbahotep.

zorn sabretooth:

something’s distinctly lacking from this thread

Mr. Ronald Belford Scott

He’s viturally the partron saint of austrailia for pete’s sake!!!

P.s is you don’t know who i’m talking about

Lose the -ald from Ronald and replace the R with the B from Belford




I think I’ve heard these mentioned in history classes sometime…

I don’t really “like” one kind of music over the other, both Elvis and the Beatles have songs I can listen to if they are played on the radio sometime.

Johnny Cash though, rocks. San Quentin FTW! I’ll listen to pretty much anything.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Niether I’m sticking with Willmark, Led Zeppelin!

Kera foehunter:

well i see you guy will not make the coolness curv!!

since you can’t pick eather


The Beatles, but I don’t really care that much.