[Archive] The best way to deal with Internet trolls


Doesn’t seem like that good an idea Hunter - surely that’d just lead to escalation?


Yeah that sounds like trolling in its own right and while it is fun it doesnt help the problem about troll since you became one yourself



Sorry, I misread the situation. I thought he was being abusive to you directly. Just realised I confused trolling and flaming. My bad.


I realise I’ll come off as a bit trolly myself, but I prefer to think of it as being an advocate for the devil :slight_smile:

I found the post you linked to be an interesting read at least. While I certainly don’t agree with sexism, there are differences between the sexes and this post seemed to me an honest exploration of some of these differences. Not exactly ban-worthy imo. While I realise the post is pretty close to blatant sexism, political correctness is pretty boring and sometimes a taboo might be worth exploring.

I’ll agree with your troll that good looks can be a strong bonus for a woman, giving her power, status and a way to manipulate men, but he completely overlooks the fact that many women are judged mainly by that, and that their merits are often underestimated or underpraised, because they end up in the shadows, while female beauty takes the spotlight.

But I guess the plan was not to discuss his topics in here, right? sorry! It just doesn’t feel like your average troll internet-post-vomiting.


It was really a straw breaking the camel’s back thing that got him banned. He kept trying to cram his mysoginistic agenda into everything and even made a couple of comments that came off as him considering women to be no better than property. Also his last few posts kept complaining about heavy handed moderation even though none had taken place (unless the mods were pming him privately to ask him to ease off) so maybe the mods were sick of him trying to play martyr?


As I’m back on the site more and more after being largely absent the last two years I’ll want to remind everyone to keep conversations that broach topics like this civil, which you have all done, bravo. At CDO we allow for free speech to have a wide latitude and hope to continue to do so.

Second point, I’m a bit leery of discussing about another sites moderation policies, its a unwritten rule that its a no-no. Again, this thread hasn’t done so, but more of a general heads up.

Note: this part doesn’t apply to Dînadan is specifically talking about but more in a general sense.

Now for my own part. To be sure rampant misogynists are as bad as rampant misandrists. Don’t think there are any of the latter? There sure are, and there are plenty of websites out there. Without going off the rails any further then this. We are moving (in the West, America what have you0 to a post free speech world. Sure you can still say what you want by the online mob mentality is something to behold, to say nothing of attacks of the SJW, doxing and false accusations to shut down differences of opinion or disagreements. This is a real and growing concern.

It would be far, far better if people could simply agree to disagree and walk away. That appears to be less and less likely these days.

For my own part, I’m (largely) for unrestricted free speech (as is Xander, the site owner). I didn’t get there all at once and have had lots of false starts and dead ends. To be able to say what you want but keep it civil, argue through logic and not emotion. Everytime I think of that I think of the line from the movie, the American President:

"You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.

Granted that is tricky when say modding as there is no easy way to do this that maintains consistency.Text as we all know is poor medium for tone, let alone to devine free speech from.

When people appeal to the powers that be to shut down speech that simply means closing down discourse, that doesn’t help. What we try to do here is give warnings before we start warning. Fortunately for us that has been sufficient in most cases and we’ve only ever had to ban a few people and in some cases after multiple warnings.

To round this out, realize that there are going to be views in life we, you, or I might find reprehensible. There is no way to avoid that, negotiating people one disagrees, even vehemently with is a critical skill. At a bare minimum they can only offend if you let them. That’s perhaps the best advice I can give, trolls only have power over you if you let them.