[Archive] The Black Dwarf(1)


:maskI have put it upon myself to convert the long lost Black Dwarf as stated in White Dwarf 200-201, soon as I have bought the minature I will start conversion and purchase White Dwarf 200-201 for the rules and scenario battle, plus Ill convert the anvil for which contains his life essenceā€¦:mask

Pyro Stick:

Heres another black dwarf thread:


You really should search before you start so many threads. Most of them have been done allready or the questions asked are allready asked.


Oh. I feel quite stupid , Im just eager about CD , next time Ill look.Hashut will crush me!


Just about to get White Dwarf 200-201 , anyone else have these ones?


I have #200. Why?


Does it give the details on the Black Dwarf?