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I was just reading some old white dwarfs and saw an old article on the Black Dwarf fighting the White Dwarf over his “life” anvil in a mountain, I think its issue 200 (cant tell because the book is falling to pieces).

It has a set of cool rules and as my brother plays western dwarfs im going to try to re-create this senario in the new rules.

I was wondering how to go about creating the Black Dwarf. Has anyone ever created him?

If not could you please suggest a base mini and perhaps suggest what you think he should look like.

Cheers :hat off

Just relised this is in the wrong section. Sorry bout that guys :mad

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I’m unclear as to whether by “create” you mean make up some rules for him or actually create the miniature itself.

If the former, then i’ve never seen any special rules for him (although be sure to post them here if you do make some up).

If you mean the latter then there is actually a Black Dwarf miniature:



Wow thats one old model!

Yes it was to convert but I will now try to make some rules at least to make him as formidable as grombrindal.

Cheers i’ll start work straight away. :cheers

Pyro Stick:

The name Black Dwarf makes it sound much cooler than the model looks. I would suggest converting one as you could probably do a better job.

Ghrask Dragh:

I thought of the Black Dwarf when I saw Angryboy2k’s Rykarth mini…

This looks good too…

I might do this with my White Dwarf model, it’s been sitting there half painted ever since I got it!