[Archive] The Black Legion of Lord Imgrazzathar II

The Flying Beaver:

Hey guys, guess what? I finally have pictures of my army! My reason for taking so long is that, well, I don’t have a camera, and those who’ll let me take pictures with theirs are unreliable. For example, it took me 6 days of constant nagging just to get my friend to upload these!

Anyway, here they are. Some are blurry because I had to hold the camera in the air, but others are pretty good. Enjoy.

First up, my Rykarth conversion. Not the best pictures, and not as many angles as I’d like, but oh well. It wasn’t like I’d be beating angryboy2k anyway. :slight_smile: It was made from a Skull Pass miner, given a marauder axe as a somewhat realistic great weapon. Since Rykarth has a battle standard, I used Lord Queek’s trophy rack. The cowering Empire man is painted in my friend’s colour scheme out of spite. I sculpted scale mail in the back, but you can’t really see it.

This next model is what would have been my entry for the FIRST Golden Hat if my friends with cameras weren’t unreliable. Sorry again for the poor quality.

Some speed-painted hobgoblin warriors with hand weapons and shields. I made these guys by using common gobbo bodies and night goblin heads (last edition of course). With some guys I used half of a bow to make a curved dagger, very hobgoblinesque.

And the wolfriders. Camera in the air = bad photo. Camera on the ground = incomplete photo. I chose camera in the air.

One of my favourite units, and luckily a decent photo of it! Here’s my Immortals of Hashut (CD warriors with great weapons). I used ironbreakers with skeleton shields, sculpted beards and axes converted from old chaos warrior hand weapons- and a very specific one which looks just like a chaos dwarf axe. The Champion was given a very curved scimitar like a proper Chaos Dwarf, and the shield got a bit of greenstuff to make a CD icon. The banner, which I like a lot, is one of my first freehand jobs.

Here’s a busy photo of three things: a blunderbuss unit, a death rocket, and a sorceror (guess which lore he uses!). the BB’s were converted from old dwarf warriors and blunderbusses from empire militia. The hats came from Brettonian men-at-arms. The Death Rocket is made from a 40k Ork Kannon with the tip of a hunter killer missile, and the sorceror is made from a BFSP cannon crewman. I’m not the first to post a guy like this, but I’m pretty sure my model is older than the others. So you’re all copycats. :~

Another shot of the sorceror with my earthshaker as well. The Earthshaker is made from a 40k ork Lobba and crewed by Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarfs. The banner is made of paper (I need to redo it).

And now, a lousy picture of my bolt throwers. Fortunately, they aren’t that exciting anyway. They’re made from toothless spear chukkas and blood bowl crew.

And the mighty Bull Centaurs! Not really a conversion, but I sawed down the hats to a reasonable size and gave them shields from 5th edition Brettonians. Shalmazharr the Battle Standard Bearer joins them.

A not-so-nice shot of Shalmazharr’s flank.

Here’s something we’ve all seen, but it has a cooler background and a re-done base. Hail the mighty Sorceror-Lord Zharbok!

And here’s my Work In Progress Great Taurus. He’s made from manticore and bloodthirster bits. The sculpting still isn’t done, but it’s reached a decent showing-off stage.

That’s all for now. Comments are encouraged!

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looks good, if only there where better pictures. where did you get the legs for the taurus?

Uzkul Werit:

Interestingly enough, my Death Rocket is made from a 40K Zzap Gun with a cone of Green Stuff on the end. If the conversion wasn’t so good, I would even use it.

About the Sorcerer Lord - how did you do it? Every set of legs I found were too small to fit that Bull Centaur top half on.

Ghrask Dragh:

I really like this army :cheers!

My favourite unit is also the ‘Immortals’, everything is great- beards,��colours, shields and weapons! Good use of the cowering human aswell, I hope he got what he deserved!!

Those brettonian shields perfect for us, where they originally stags?

I think those legs are from the bloodthirster.

Good work :hat off

The Flying Beaver:

Uzkul: I used a plastic wolf druid thing, I’m not even sure what it’s from. (although I did see it in a white dwarf issue, so probably warhammer). I don’t know what it’s called, and it probably wouldn’t be in the online store.

Minty: Yes, bloodthirster legs.


Some of the pics are ok but others are way too blurry. I like your army as a whole, and using ork artillery is a good idea i hadnt considered before.

love the immortals

Just curious why the short big hats?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That’s a nice take on the Great Taurus. While I’m quite sure that the front legs are anatomically incorrect, the pose of the miniature looks very energetic and makes up for that.


The 5th edition Brets had some shields with bulls on them, and a bull helmet crest which I may use somewhere if I can think of a suitable conversion. Love the look of these models though, your grey colour scheme works beautifully

The Flying Beaver:

The bull helmet looks great atop of a standard AGPO- Look at Shalmazharr!


Very nice army! I am in the process of hacking up my ironbreakers for the same purpose - apparently great minds think alike when Hashut watches over them… Did you clip off the ironbreaker beards before sculpting the new ones? I’m still considering whether I want to even bother with making new beards because they’re all short/braided to begin with.


I really like your Immortals, and I think all of your banners are very nicely done (I hate painting banners). I think my favorite piece of the lot though is the BfSP engineer conversion. He’s very tastefully done, and very nicely painted.


The Flying Beaver:

There were two main types of beards. One type, the short and curly ones, I was able to sculpt over. The other kind, which was the non-curly ones which extend outward, I had to remove and it was a huge pain.


The Immortals looks really awesome! Love those beards, how hard was removing what lay beneath? That Taurus is coming along nicely, can’t wait for updates of that!

Great to finally see what your army looks like! I hope my hassling wasn’t too overbearing. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Flying Beaver:

These are the tough ones. I had to remove the beards BY SAW. So incredibly frustrating…


u should remove all dwarfish runes from armours too :wink:

and this silly-looking helmets…


I guess a Dremel might make that easier… hrm…


The bull helmet looks great atop of a standard AGPO- Look at Shalmazharr!

The Flying Beaver
Ah, I see now, I was using chaos stars from the command set for that purpose but I've just run out, I may have to run with that idea
u should remove all dwarfish runes from armours too ;)

and this silly-looking helmets...

I agree on the runes but I couldn't spot any. However I couldn't help seeing the similarity between the front rank of former Ironbreaker helmets and the hat on your GH winning model - they just have a face mask as well, which personally I like