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Finally, I’m sick of ogres.

So I journeyed down to my local GW and decided on Warriors of Chaos. Here is what I’ve got done so far.

A lot more unpainted/unassembled, so I will post them once painted.

The army is going to try and participate in all phases, and will be infantry based with faster units in support. A hellcannon will be there for ranged support. I’m very tempted to put some Dogs of War into the list, but in Aus it is often frowned upon in comp scoring (I plan on using these blokes all year in tournaments/until I can get enough doe together for my CD’s!)

Any comments/observations appreciated.
More as I get off my ass and do it.
Glory to Chaos!!


Nice job, Mark of Nurgle I’m guessing? :slight_smile: Seems to be the way forward for Warriors, the -1 to hit in shooting and -1WS for enemies is ace.

What on earth would you need DoW for? :slight_smile: You want fanatical followers of the Dark Gods not mercenary scum :cheers

How do you plan on basing them?

Kera foehunter:

i love the green and gold look good slave lord


Very cool, and if you can’t worship Hashut… Nurgle is best. I do like them.

When I did my Nurgle I applied the flesh wash to the Chaos Stars and they look nice after I applied a dullcoat. I also painted the metal boltgun and used a greenwash, but the new Madab mud wash on the green will give nice detail and make it look gritty in a good way.

Nice work on the one head, very nice.


@Baggronor I’m going to be using a company called ‘Back-2-Baceixs’, who do really great looking premade bases. I’m horrible at basing so pre made should do the trick. I’m getting the paved 1’s, they look like an empire town footpath. :slight_smile:

Funny, it’s only untill you photograph mini’s you notice the little things you miss. Got to got back and neaten them up!


Funny, it's only untill you photograph mini's you notice the little things you miss.
Yeah the camera never lies. Thats what photoshop is for :cheers