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The Brain:

Hellow all I have been posting around here for a while now and I have finally gotten around to posting some army pics.

This is the army so far minus my unit of classic black orcs, and some gnoblars that are proxy hobgoblin infantry.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


The Brain:

Sorry About that I have fixed the image problem, thanks to Pyro’s thread on posting images.

These are my socrcerers so far.

These are my Choas Dwarft Heroes/lords

A couple of hobgoblin heroes, the one converted is a test model that might become the basis for a whole unit that looks like him.

These are my centaur heroes, The one on the left is converted. I will have more pics of him when he is painted. The other is the standard he will get repainted also.

The Brain:

Here are some of my unites.

This is my first unit of blunderbusses.

second unit of BB

BB units 3-5 are not painted yet, but here you go.

hmmm, I seem to missing a pic for BB unit 5 but I will put one up when it is painted someday.

Not to the infantry units.

Here is my first unit of warriors.

this is my second unit

this is my third unit of warriors, but it needs to be stripped and repainted

Here are some hobgoblins. I like to paint each unit of them in different colors to represent different tribes.

I am really kind of proud of the sneaky git champion he is converted from a bloodbowl model.

How about some big guns.

lest start with the Earth shaker battery.

some pics of a completed one

some unpainted death rockets

and some bolt throwers with unpainted crews

And of course my favs the Bull centaurs. All of these will be painted the ones that have paint on them will be redone, I just didn’t feel like stripping them yet.

I am sad to say that my 2nd and 3rd unit of Centaurs are still unassembled.


4 bolt throwers, 3 rockets and 4, 4!!!, shakers? Yuor enemies will hate you :smiley:

The Brain:

4 bolt throwers, 3 rockets and 4, 4!!!, shakers? Yuor enemies will hate you :D

If only I could find one brave enough to play against 4 earthshakers, I still have 2 bolt throwers that are in pieces, but In a smaller game I think 6 would be over kill, but still fun.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Some really nice oldschool models. And the sorceror on the pile of books is hilarious! :smiley:

The Brain:

Some really nice oldschool models. And the sorceror on the pile of books is hilarious! :D

Ishkur Cinderhat
Yeah I really like him he was my first attempt at a CD conversion.


Very impressive army! :hat off

How many points have you gathered at all!

I’m eager to see them all painted and ready to overwhelm all our enemies! :cheers



Excellent work, Brain!


That is one lovely looking army, so many wonderful big hats i want them :hat Great work on the army Brain it looks ace :hat off

Da Crusha:

nice big army. I like your bull centaur-infantry conversions. I was thinking about converting a few like that so Im pleased to see how they came out.

The Brain:

Thanks everybody for all the comps.


I think with all the CD’s plus my Black Orcs and Gnoblars/hobgoblins it is around 7500 points, but I am hoping to add to it with some more warrior units in the future.

Da Crusha-

Thanks it came to me one day as I was lamenting the fact that I had so few unit champions and a lot of extra BC torsos. A little tip for you is that the legs from the 5th ed plastic Dwarf work great for them.


Very, very nice army!!! Id like to see more of your conversions, particularly the Sorcerers!


great collection. I really like the sorcerer on a pile of book (: