[Archive] The Brazen Bull (again)


So way back, when I first joined CDO, I posted a link to this ancient torture device on Wikipedia for the benefit of people looking for ideas on sacrificial altars or Anvil of Doom stand-ins.

Lo and behold, tonight I see a new show on Discovery Channel called “Machines of Malice”, detailing some of history’s torture devices and there it is.

They don’t have the last part, showing the conduction of heat by bronze and the part where the ruler who commissioned it’s construction threw the creator in to test it out, but it might light some creative fires anyway.

Heh. Get it? “Lighting fires”? :slight_smile:

Yeah, okay. I need therapy. Shut up about it.


I just watched that myself.

I had forgotten all about that pear device until this show reminded me I’d read about it online some time ago.

I’m still clenching.

Oh, and to remain on-topic: :hashut


There was one of these in Small Gods, as well.

Very Chaos Dwarf - if I were to model one, I’d probably add a grille into one side, so that Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer-Priests and Despots could watch the captives burn.



First I thougth, man that’s evil! Then I read Revlid’s reply and thought even more so!

True Chaos Dwarf in character thinking there mate! :cheers:

Kera foehunter:

thats different !! but the smell of burnt cook flesh steam out of the bull!!

i think you can here the screams of the people thow


Nice :), is of the style of the Chaos Dwarfs.


thats different !! but  the smell of burnt cook flesh  steam out of the bull!!
i think you can here the screams of the people thow

Kera foehunter
Actually, that was one of the cool design aspects to it. Because of a system of tubes and stops within the bull, the screams of the victim would exit the front sounding much like a bull. The smell was also converted into a spicy incense smell so that it wouldn't ruin the tyrant's feasts.

I think the whole story of the creation of the Brazen Bull is very Chaos Dwarfy as well.


Well even without the screaming, the heated air could be part of the design so that as the air was heated, raised to the top, and exited… it could be used to make noise.

It would be a nice way to keep the Hobgoblin population in check.


Love’d that show… My favorite was the Wheel… easy, and efficient.


Sick, twisted, I think I see a new idea for a magical war machine. Burn slaves to cast spells.


Could it be like the Bell, attached to a unit of Hobgoblins. Axe a Hobgob to get benefits… ala Sacraficial dagger.

Border Reiver:

Or for those that use the Chaos Warrior rules - a perfect idea for a War Shrine of Chaos


Or for an Anvil of Doom for those who play with dwarf rules.


I’m gonna make a Brazen bull for my scenery.


Very cool idea! :hat

Really love it! :hat off

Such a “nice looking” bull is a good possibility to enhance a diorama! :cheers



Can’t have been much fun cleaning it out afterwards.


And the smell would really be bad.

I guess there is a reason Chaos Dwarfs have hobgoblin slaves.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Can't have been much fun cleaning it out afterwards.

My thoughts exactly. Yikes. :sick


Smells like roast pork. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Kera foehunter:

it would smell worse at least you gut a hog or a bull before you cook it

and the clean up even worse !!