[Archive] The Brimstone Consortium goes 5-0 at regional tourny!


Hi all, okay for some reason I can’t access my original account, so this account appears new, but I am not :mad.

Anyway, so my “Brimstone Consortium” just returned from a 3 day event a week ago.  It consisted of a one-day 3 round event and a 2-day 5 round event.  First day I went 2wins and 1draw.  The two day event I went 5-0 with 3 opponents conceding and giving up max points.  This tournament had a list committee.  My list was edited to be allowed only one of each war machine, no lore of Hashut and no dark colossus on the K’daai.  

So without further…my list was

Sorcerer Prophet Lvl4 w/ Chalice, Talisman of Endurance (Lore of Metal)

Daemonsmith Lvl1 (Lore of Fire) w/ dispel scroll

Dark Castellean BSB w/ Mask of the Furnace, Ironcurse totem

Hobgoblin Khan on Wolf w/ Shrieking Blade, Dragonhelm

Hobgoblin Khan on Wolf w/ Tormentor Sword, Enchanted shield, Dragonbane gem, potion of foolhardiness

Hobgoblin Stikkas (20) w/ musician

Bull Centaur Renders (3) w/ musician

Chaos Dwarves (24) w/ Great weapons Full command and War banner

Chaos Dwarves (24) w/ blunderbuss Full Command

Dreadquake Mortar w/ Ogre


Magma Cannon

K’daai w/ razor horns (SoM)

I faced 3 lizardmen armies, all played different.  One was monster mash, one was skink and magic heavy and one was 3 large blocks of Saurus warriors.  I played a furnace skaven list and all nurgle warriors of chaos army.


congrats :slight_smile:

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Why did your opponents concede the games? Did you give our army a bad reputation? What did your opponents so so wrong that a midtier army could stomp them senseless?


Congratulations. I’m very interested im some short battle summaries, because those battles must have been brutal.

Your list is fine, but with only 1 of each warmachine, no lore of Hashut and everybody having access to storm of magic destroyers (if they had that), CDs aren’t really special. So good job, great luck of nasty play style.

Please enlighten us!



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Well done and nice looking army! But why did they concede the games? That sounds rare to my ears, especially since you didn’t field a cheeselist deluxe.


Congratulation, well done! I’m also interested in more details on how this happened.


The shooting was just devastating my opponents. I was running lore of metal and giving the BB +1 to hit. The rerolls for the engineer kept coming through and the dreadquake kept psyching people out of moving. The one game, the opponent only had a skink priest alive at the end of 4. For some reason people kept throwing rank and file units into the K’daai…


Yeah okay fair enough. Ypur army surely has a mean shooting, so if people don’t deal with it, they will bleed


One thing I have learned playing these guys (and regular dwarf players may agree)…when players see a couple big or scary units some tend to try to dump everything into killing one off. Thinking that 1: its points for victory and 2: 1 scary unit is less scary than 2 scary units. I found the opposite to be true. I spread the “love” around to multiple units and then played a game of attrition. Which as anyone can attest to…is the dwarfs game.

one of the best moments…Dread Saurean charges BB…I roll a 3 for stand and shoot reaction lol