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Braki Flamebeard:

Greetings all. I have been looking and commenting on peoples work for a little while and I thought it was high time I put up some of my own. Me and my brother (allanp) will share this blog. He can load up the models he makes and I’ll be loading up mine (although its likely I will have more since he is more in charge of the playing side). Hope you all like them and please, criticisms for me! Right then, here we go:

These are currently my only finished models, three bunderbussers. Two of them are using the thunderers boxed set and one is a BFSP thunderer

Some close up shots for you all.

This is my converted warrior. I would have more but allan bought some of the old ones so we already have 40 warriors. Therefore my efforts are centred on blunderbussers. I’m still pleased with him and really want to make more. He obviously needs a shield and he’s probably going to be the unit champion.

These are WIP blunders. The top ones are from the thunderers box set and are just waiting to be hatted. The bottom ones are BFSP dwarfs who I’ve only scraped the beard and helmet off, so they need green stuffing.

Unfortunately I’m very close to exams now, as I’m sure a lot of you are, so not much progress will be made during that time. But when I can find a time that I don’t need to revise, I’ll be in my warhammer room :wink: Hope you like what I’ve done so far and I look forward to hearing your comments and criticisms.


You have some nice guys there!!! :hat off

They look very promising, I´m eager to see them painted! Which colour scheme will you use?

The normal and “ordinary” red one or another more individual one? :wink:


Braki Flamebeard:

Well it just so happens I’m experimenting today when I find a little free time (no homework so just little revision for the morrow). At the moment I’m going for two attempts: green and black or gold and black. Ill paint both up and put them on as soon as I’m finished, then see what everyone else and I think.

Thanks for comment :slight_smile:

Braki Flamebeard:

Well I’ve painted two blunders to try out colour schemes. Tell me what you al think.


Thats the two together, now some close ups

Number one, gold and black

Number two, green and silver.


Those are really nice. Have you done a lot of green stuffing and converting before?


Some great work Braki Flamebeard looking forward to seeing some more

Braki Flamebeard:

@Wallacer: I’ve done the odd filling up gaps and some minor sculpting like a jacket for an ogre with milliput, but nothing like this before. Converting though, I’ve done quite a bit of cut/ paste converting, swapping bits from kits.

@Loki: Thanks, I’m looking forward to showing more :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

great job on the hat they look great same as the blunder buss

Braki Flamebeard:

Thanks for the comments so far! I end up working on several projects at once, so at the same time as making the blunderbussers, I’m also painting up an earthshaker cannon I bought on ebay. I know, I could’ve made my own but I like the model. Besides, I still can make one, they can’t all look the same right? But I digest… Once I’ve painted it up I’ll post it, and hopefully I’ll have some more blunderbusses too. Stay tuned!


very promising showing, looking forward to seeing more. For early forays into green stuff, you are off to a great start. Its all a learning curve and your not "af-feared’ of experimenting so great things to come. Looks as if it will be one nice looking army when all is said and done.

Braki Flamebeard:

For early forays into green stuff, you are off to a great start.
Well, it just goes to show how simple and effective the technique is :)

Heres another update, my painted earthshaker cannon.

Personally I'm happy with this colour scheme. I wasn't before because the armour and the beards were both black, but i highlighted the armour and the cannon with boltgun metal, and the beards and wood with codex grey. This sets them apart, although the pictures don't show it very well.
Comments please :)

Kera foehunter:

love the earth shaker!! love the colors

Braki Flamebeard:

Thanks Kera :smiley: I thought I’d go for something different to red and black, and I thought that this made them look more ornamental, but no less killy. (Actually it was Allan who thought of black and gold…)

Braki Flamebeard:

Small update, I’m nearly finished making the unit of blunders and will then start to paint them. However with my last two hats not made yet I realise I only realy have two designs: the skull in the middle with two strips down the side and the arrow on the front and back of the hat. Also a few of them are taller from a slight alteration, I’ll show them in the picture.

So to cut to the chase, has anyone got any more ideas on hat designs? Anything is better then nothing. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also I’d like to note I’m using pin hats, so not water drop or anything else. Least not for the blunders or warriors

Braki Flamebeard:

Heres a new update, my unit of 10 ‘finished’ blunderbussers. Just need to paint them now.

Nothing special really, but at least I’m making progress.

Kera foehunter:

looks great love the skulls on the hats

Braki Flamebeard:

Thanks Kera :slight_smile: although as I said, I’ve run out of ideas for hats now.

But heres an update anyway.

Theres the blunderbussers all painted and shiny and new.

Thats them in a loose formation so you can see them a little better.

And heres some of my favourites:

Thats the unit champion, denoted by spiky beard.

And thats his back

Theres one about to reload

And his back too, just so you can see what I did with the armour. Not sure if it shows up very well there.

And lastly this one, because it was my attempt at sculpting a new nose and moustache. Could be improved but I’m still learning.

Hope you all like what I’ve done so far.

Plans for future:

I don’t lke making plans because I find them so hard to stick to, but as a rough guide I think I’m going to make some more blunders, because two units is always better than one :slight_smile: Also a  dwarf engineer model should be in the post which I will be using as an arcane engineer/daemonsmith/whatever. I also have the old Astrogoth model which will need painting (its primed now). Other than those allanp is taking care of warriors and his own hero, which to my knowledge only need painting. I won’t promise anything until I have models with which to realise my dreams, but stay tuned :smiley: :cheers

Kera foehunter:

i like the big nose!! the paint job are cool

Braki Flamebeard:

Well my engineer hasnt arrived yet :frowning: but I have got an old ork rocket which I’m using to make a death rocket (duh). Heres some WIP shots:

I’m not happy with the front yet, but I don’t know what to put there. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks

Kera foehunter:

ooooh i like the death rocket cool design