[Archive] The call of Cthulhu. A daemons of chaos log


Over the next three months I hope to build a 2000 point army of daemons for a paint and play thats taking place at my gamming group. I wont be doing a normal army though. As one of my previous posts hints to i’ll be doing a cthulhu monster themed army. Here’s what I figure i’ll have be what:

Lord of change=Cthulhu

Great Unclean One=Shub’Niggurath

Keeper of secerts=Dagon

Plaguebearers=Deep ones



Furies=Night gaunts

Flesh Hounds=Hounds of Tindalos

Screamers=Flying Polyps

Plague Beast=Shoggoth


Feind of Slaanesh=Leng Spider

Note: I know I don’t have every single creature from the Lovecraft universe but I can only include so much.

Here’s the first thing i’m working on. Deep ones.

So far they’ve been made from saurus warrior heads and bloodletter bodies. They will be reciving GS pot bellies and necks. Not so sure how to do the arms though. I should have more pics of them tommarrow.

Other stuff i’ll be working on is Nyarlathotep as a herald of tzeentch and gug as sson as I get my hands on some proper bitz.

Now if you’ll excusie me I have some work to do.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I can;t comment properly as I don;t know much about the Cthulhu world, but they look good so far and actually look like excellent lizardmen at the very least :wink: Would the noraml bloodletter arms not work? Maybe a shield here and there with some warming and repositioning etc? Actually, as plaguebearers, just the sword would be fine…

Kera foehunter:

nice start on the deep ones !! Are they going to be painted blue and green like the heads


@Hashut’s Blessing: True, they do look like pretty good lizard men. And no they wouldn’t as they have swords and I want nasty looking claws.

@Kera foehunter: No. I got them like that after a bitz trade. They’ll be a more commin troll green with a bleachish bone under belly.



Deep one arms = would VC Crypt Ghoul arms work out? They have some big hands with clawed fingers. You could GS webs across the fingers. Not sure on the size of them though. /shrug


Almost looks like something out of Spore Creator right now!


@GRNDL: Youre fight but some of their arms have weapons(bones and rocks) and their smaller than bloodletters. But I am looking for a good subtitute at the moment. I’m going between adding different hands to the natural bloodletter arms or use genestealer arms and do a buntch of GS work on them. Still looking for other options at the moment.

@Willmark: Lol, they really do don’t they.


Here’s the pics I promised on the deep ones(sorry kinda of a bad pic).

I have to work on the neck some and then I need to find some good arms. Thats all for now folks.


That’s insanely cool, and there seems to be quite a lot of Cthulhu Madness going on these days.

Check out Troll Forged Miniatures (www.trollsforge.com) They’re having all my Cthulhu Models released pretty soon. Maybe, you could use some of them.


- Kyte

Hashut’s Blessing:

If ya need claws, do you mean similar to daemonette claws (crab claws) or do you mean like bladed fingernails? If ya want a bulked up arm, get the mutantly bulged arm (which has clawish nails) and cast that :stuck_out_tongue: Then, use normal bloodletter arms for the other side. They’ll be lopsided, but that could work.


@Kyte: Thx. I might use some. I’ll have to see.

@Hashut’s Blessing: I’m actually gonna use the daemonette claws for the Mi-go. I actually have a plan for the arms that will be stated bellow.

Anyway I have done more work on the deep ones.

After some debatting I decided to use the arms that came with the bloodletters and I must say that they look good. Now all I need to do is get some ghoul right arms and switch the swords and repose the blood letter right arms and attach the ghoul hands to them and they’ll be almost ready to paint.

Here’s a special shot of the unit champ. who has a right arm attached.

I decided to give him a knife that will eventually look more like a sacraficial knife. Figured it make him stand out as the unit champ. more.

Last on the agenda is the test start of my flamers(yith).

The main idea right now is to make the main body. I’m using a lizardman body and a lot of GS to make the body. I’m gonna cover the back and lower sectino with more GS. Should have that finished within the next day or two.

Kera foehunter:

That’s is so cool dino ! i sit in all waiting to see what nexts


Imho using lizardmen model to make Yithian is waste of mini ;]

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good so far! Keep up the good work and get moving :wink:


Thx for all the comments guys.

I’ve been a bit busy with my cthulhu army latly and have some work to show for it.

First of all I haven’t finished my deep ones, but I have finished the top of their standard.

Heads a little left heavy but I can fix that.

I have also started building two other units and my first herald for this army.


Their basic bodies are daemonettes with the clothes removed. The lines down the middle of the are theirs mouths. All I have to do is cover their legs more, cover their backs more, and add teeth and their almost done for now. Here a pic of one with all of it’s teeth.

And unit champ. with some of it’s teeth.

Just gotta do the legs and it’s done until i’m able to get some arms. I have no idea when i’ll get them but hopefully it’s be soon.

Flying Polyps(screamers)


These are one of the first units i’ve built from scratch and probably wont be the last. I took stiraphom balls and stuck them on bent paper clips. Then I took plumers epoxy and covered were the clips met the base and the lower half of the ball and waited for them to harden(it only takes 15 minues) and the procceded to cut some opennings for mouths. I plan to work on them more over the next week and get them built before I have to have them painted.

The king in yellow(herald of tzeetch)


My first herald and one of my first full body sculpts is turnning out OK(I guees). I have tones of work to do on him. Basically I buit him from plumers epoxy and some GS. I’m building up the robes at the moment but i’m not sure how i’m gonna do the arms. Any suggestions?


Pretty good start t that keep it up.

Kera foehunter:

Dino your a real sweetie * hug* i was wondering how to do a octopus face guy and you
did a standard i could cheat from!! thanks buddy
great stuff !!cant wait to see more


Very nice work Dino. I’m getting pretty excited about this project!! The gugs are well on their way to being very cool models - the vertical mouths mean serious business and I really like the idea of having bits of victims poking out of them! Hheheh!! The other models are taking shape nicely too - as I know what they are going to look like from my Cthulhu experience - I think its easier for me to see how far along they are. Great idea for using the styrofoam for the polyps!!


I never realised how much a Bloodletter body looks like a Saurus until now… they really should’ve gone with Hoofs. BTW, I used plastic beastmen hoofs on 50% of my bloodletters in my khorne daemon legion :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: