[Archive] The Camel and The Battle Tank


The family is sitting watching Pheneas and Ferb: Mission Marvel. I didn’t think Pheneas and Ferb could get any better - but it could. An awesome episode - thank yoy Disney.

Well suddently my oldest daughter, just started in 2nd grade, says:

“A camel and a battle tank pass each other in the desert. Laughing the battle tank says to the camel, ‘Ha! You got a pair of boobs on your back!’ The camel looks at the battle tank and replies, ‘Well at least I don’t have a willy on my forehead!’”


Her minds been warped and her bodies been tainted by Tzeentch . Check for the mark of Chaos


That sounds like Mark of Slaanesh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does your child emit warp flame? If so its time to get the tools of demon binding.