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Project Name: The CDO Google Project
Project Leaders: Xander
Project Goal: To make it easier for google to access the most quality Chaos Dwarf material on the internet.

Xander’s Notes
The purpose of this project is to help improve CDO such that google searches involving Chaos Dwarfs place better content (namely, content found at CDO) higher in the ranks, making it easier for onlookers to find the content they are looking for.

For example, here is perhaps a common google search:
[google]Chaos Dwarf Gallery[/google]

CDO places #2! And links to quality army gallery pages!

However a search of:
[google]Chaos Dwarf Conversions[/google]
…will yield a much lower result. Clearly we need a page on the main site titled "Chaos Dwarf Conversions."

An interesting change up is this:
[google]Chaos Dwarf Warrior Conversions[/google]

It is small things like this that will help google out, and point to our site, and the good content within it.

Any idea contributions are welcome, otherwise I will use this to track our google rankings. :slight_smile:

(When the project started)
The Main Tests:
[google]Chaos Dwarfs[/google] - Ranked #17, this needs to improve!
[google]Chaos Dwarf[/google] - Ranked #16
[google]Chaos Dwarves[/google] - Ranked #24

(Current ranks)
The Main Tests:
[google]Chaos Dwarfs[/google] - Ranked #1
[google]Chaos Dwarf[/google] - Ranked #1
[google]Chaos Dwarves[/google] - Ranked #1

EDIT: CDO reaches the summit of Mount Google - The article I posted when we finally hit number one! Thanks for everyone’s help!

Thanks for any and all help, :hat off


An interesting note, in Google Canada, “Chaos Dwarfs” makes the first page:

Updated the Google.com Ranks.

The Main Tests:
[google]Chaos Dwarfs[/google] - Ranked #11
[google]Chaos Dwarf[/google] - Ranked #15
[google]Chaos Dwarves[/google] - Ranked #11

I am interested to know if other Google versions, like Google UK, have a different rank. Search your local Google for “Chaos Dwarfs” and see where Chaos Dwarfs Online comes up. Paste a link here for us. :slight_smile:


polish google:

chaos dwarfs - #15

chaos dwarf - #16

chaos dwarves - #15

Ghrask Dragh:

Google search for UK

Chaos Dwarfs- #10

Chaos Dwarf- #20

Chaos Dwarves- #12


Thanks for the stats guys! Interesting stuff. :slight_smile:

Traitor King:

How would we go about improving these ‘ranks’?

It sounds like a stellar idea if it works, would be great to be Top.


Not having downtime, having good content that mentions the search words used.

Things like HoH still rank really high because the site is really old, and thus the information is more apt to be reliable. The longer CDO is around, the higher it will move. Also, the more pages on the internet that are linking to us, the more likely our rank will increase. It’s a big mix of factors like this. But it comes down to this, Google wants to point to the best content, so all we have to do is have the best content. Take care of the content and the google rank will take care of itself. :slight_smile:

Lord Darkash:

just got us 7th with “Chaos Dwarfs” in the UK


Nice! I get us 8th in Google.ca right now. :slight_smile:


I’m new here so sorry if what i say is stupid, but has CDO been swapping banners with other warhammer forums?

I say this because, after a quick search, i was unable to find a banners page linking to other forums.

The Flying Beaver:

We have a sort of link-swapping going on with The Daemonic Legion, The Herdstone, and Chamber of the Everchosen in what we call the Chaos Star. CDO has had close ties to Da-Warpath this summer when the Chaos Dwarfs joined forces with the Greenskins. We’re also one of many forums on the Warvault, where we have more votes than any other site.


Google New Zealand:

Chaos Dwarfs:

#1 = wikipedia for Chaos Dwarfs

#15 = CDO

Chaos Dwarves:

#1 = wikipedia for Chaos Dwarfs

#13 = CDO

Thommy H:

Google UK:

“Chaos Dwarfs” - #16

“Chaos Dwarfs” - #15 (but not the front page, just some random topic)

“Chaos Dwarves” - #12


Interesting, on google uk, a search for chaos dwarf online used to put this site at #1, but now its behind some topic Xander set up over on Warhammer.org a while ago…


Aaah, I see it now…but maybe if CDO created links to sites outside the chaos star then it would rank higher on a google search. (e.g. druchii.net, Bugman’s Brewery…)


The Main Tests:

[google]Chaos Dwarfs[/google] - Ranked #6

[google]Chaos Dwarf[/google] - Ranked #5

[google]Chaos Dwarves[/google] - Ranked #9

We’ve hit page one on the important searches! Which is great! Kudos to all members for making this site rich with content!


I’ve stuck it in my sig on a couple of other forums, it should help a little.


(Current ranks)

The Main Tests:

[google]Chaos Dwarfs[/google] - Ranked #6

[google]Chaos Dwarf[/google] - Ranked #4

[google]Chaos Dwarves[/google] - Ranked #???

Chaos Dwarves seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. :confused:

But Chaos Dwarf improved from 5 to 4.

Can anyone else attest to this?



chaos dwarf 10th

chaos dwarfs 5th

chaos dwarves 8th

chaos dwarf painting 3ed (hand of hashut has 1st and 2end)

nice to see the site is high up on Google.


Google Australia

chaos dwarf 3rd, wiki is 2nd

chaos dwarfs 6th, wiki is 1st

chaos dwarves 7th, wiki is 1st