[Archive] The Consensus Best "Unit Strength"


So what are the best Unit Strengths to field units at? Here are my thoughts.

Chaos Dwarf Warriors = 25

Blunderbusses = 18

Hobgoblin Warriors = 25

Hobgoblin Bowman = 10

Orcs = 25

Bull Centaurs = 10

What do you think?

Hashut’s Blessing:

CDW= 20 bare minimum.

BB= many units of 10 for lots of weak shots or units of 18-22 for strong ones.

HGW= 20 w/shields and LA (remove LA for points)

HGB= many units of 10 (JUST bows)

OW= 20-25 (shields and LA, remove LA for points)

BC= 6-12

These are just guesses as I haven’t used many of these guys. Of course, I will probably get a lot of arrer boyz because htey have T4 and the same shooting ability as a HGB.

The Flying Beaver:

Warriors: 20 can work, but 25 is ideal.

Blunderbussiers: 18 is what I use, though up to 24 can work too.

Hobgoblins: It depends what they’re doing. A screening unit can bee effective with 10-20 models (naked), while a solid block of them can be from 20-30 with equipment.

Wolfriders: 10, with light armour and shields. Never bows.

Bull Centaurs: 6 for a cheap flanking unit, 10 for a line breaker.


Chaos Dwarf Warriors = 25

Blunderbusses = 15 or 18

Hobgoblin Warriors (nekkid) = 25

Hobgoblin Bowman = 10

Hobgoblin Wolfboyz = 10

Arrer Boyz = 10 - 12

Black Orcs = 15 or 18 (or none preferably)

Goblins = 0

Orcs = 25

Sneaky Gitz = 25

Bull Centaurs = 10


Goblins are quite a waste, arn’t they? Oh well.


i used them in 6th ed…

3pt archers added a little bit of spit to your screen…

but 7th really squashed them…


i used them in 6th ed...
3pt archers added a little bit of spit to your screen...
but 7th really squashed them...

That makes sense.

Just so I am clear, what are the rules for taking Big'Uns?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I read recently (In one of the links on here actually) that you can take one unit in accordance to the rules of the O&G army book.


um… well you may upgrade one unit of orcs to big Un’s…

+1WS, +1S over regular orcs… same equiptment… costs 4 points per model…

this unit may take a banner worth up to 50 points…

bu the banner must still be availabl to the army… so Banner of Slavery or Warbanner…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ah. So, I was right then… That’s good to know. And the points upgrdae was useful knowlegde too!


um yeah well also remeber that you do not have to have as many boyz present…

you may upgrade the only unit you have…


To confess, I haven’t played a game of WFB in YEARS. So, to ease into playing, I’m starting to make movement trays. What dimensions do you recommend?

Ex. 16 = 4 ranks of 4, or 3 X 5+1, etc.


Chaos Dwarf Warriors = 5x5

Blunderbusses = 5x3 or 6x3

Hobgoblin Warriors (nekkid) = 5x5

Hobgoblin Bowman = 5x2

Hobgoblin Wolfboyz = no movement tray (25x50mm)

Arrer Boyz = 5x2 or 6x2 (25mm)

Black Orcs = 5x3 or 6x3 (or none preferably) (25mm)

Goblins = 0

Orcs = 5x5 (25mm)

Sneaky Gitz = 5x5

Bull Centaurs = 5x2 (25x50mm)


To confess, I haven't played a game of WFB in YEARS.��So, to ease into playing, I'm starting to make movement trays.��What dimensions do you recommend?

Ex. 16 = 4 ranks of 4, or 3 X 5+1, etc.

5x4, or 5x5. Units use ranks of 5 rather than 4 in 7th Ed, so a tray with space for 4 won't work, and I can't see any reason why you'd want a unit more than 5 wide save for Blunderbusses or Black Orcs.


well it all comes down to base size…
6 wide is pretty useful for anything you want to be damaging on the charge…
due to the extra model in the frontage over what is expected from most units (5 wide)…

you mention black orcs… but also Boyz (and Big 'Uns) with additional choppas… or BCs…
but this is only a benefit against other 25mm bases… and can be a hidnerance vs. 20mm bases…

but with 20mm bases 6 frontage actually quite a lot more efficient…
as you expand you frontage vs. other infantry bases by one model…
while its not large enough to allow more than 5 wide 25mm bases into contact…
so sneaky gitz and GW warriors benefit greatly…

but you are partly right… any type of unit expected to fill a defensive role…
shield warriors, shield boyz, vanilla boyz, vanilla hobbies… would be better off with 5 wide…

The Raven:

Chaos Dwarfs: 20 - 25

Blunderbussiers: 15, but 18 is so much better

Hobbo’s: 10-men bait units, units of 20 - 30 for armoured

Archers: 10

Bull Centaurs: 6 - 10

Boyz: 18 - 25