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The Evil Twin:

on the recwest of Xander i’m puting up the pic of my CDarmy hear to(original from hand oc hashut), so hear it coms:hat off…

it’s my first pic ewer, so be nice(kind of)

warrior champ.

more painted pic are to come

and now fore some wip


alternativ hero and warrior


should i have the weird face stuff on the blunderbuss ore should i change it to the normal pipe-end???

and just because…

comments are welcome…

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



I quite like your warrior champ - he makes me think of a prussian or a kossack or something. Neat! Your hobbos are cool too, and I think you should keep the face on the end of your blunderbuss as everyone else is doing the cone and it sets your army apart (plus more chaos-y). I’m not too sure about the marauder conversion… I think that the marauder body is just slightly out of proportion for dwarf legs, and there’s something about the head too that just seems odd to me. That’s just me tho, and it’s a cool idea - so keep it up if you’re happy with it!

Now make some more!!

The Flying Beaver:

What is that in the last photo?


well, at the moment it’s an ogre rinox i think, but i guess it’s gonna be a red bull


well, at the moment it's an ogre rinox i think, but i guess it's gonna be a red bull

Red bull gives you wings!
Looks like a bison from here. Dont know what the head is from.


A small bit of GS turns fur into flames, but I wouldn’t do an entire model like that. It looks more of an unsheered sheep to me. Not trying to be harsh or anything, I just can’t see it as a bull - go prove me wrong!


I love what you have done using the Miner sprue. He looks really Chaos Dwarfy! Lovin’ it!


One more question - what’s that shield on the model next to the one with the marrauder torso?

The Evil Twin:

the bull is from a old gome(not a gw game) and the shield is from realy old skelets. a painted sorcerer coming up tomorow…

thanks fore coments:hat off


I was thinking about doing a similar thing for my hobgoblins (at least my wolfriders). Seeing how good they look, now I�m even more tempted to start my hobgoblin unit!

Oh, and your other stuff is good as well, though using a marauder body looks weird. Fantasydwarfs have big bones!