[Archive] The Creation of a K'Daai Destroyer

Duke Lisle:

The Creation of a K’Daai Destroyer.

Hey folks. Here is Part 1 of a short story I’m working on. I’ll be updating it from time to time as I work on the story. C&C welcome. Hope you enjoy!

Part 1.  Creation.

The sorcerer Ashurbanipal, hunched over from the burdensome weight of stone that suffused his ancient body, slowly made his way from his tent down into the depths of the pit. The harsh sun above was slowly setting, and its red light faded from the walls as he circled ever lower, descending level after level.  What was once a centuries-old open pit mine for the extraction of precious jewels and veins of iron had become something else entirely.

Ashurbanipal motioned for his hobgoblin retainers to light a torch as they at last reached the lowest levels of the pockmarked quarry, many hundreds of feet below the surface of Zorn Uzkul, the Great Skull Land. As they approached the center of the pit the sorcerer detected a sonorous chanting, growing louder and louder with each step through the partially covered tunnels and open passages; a labyrinth formed by many years of industry and endless toil. This lowest level was rank with the smells of burning meat and incense comingled with the metallic perfume of a great quantity of blood.

The Sorcerer Lord turned about a tremendous boulder, and stared in malevolent satisfaction. Here, in the center of the deep pit mine was a mighty pillar of smoke that curled upwards, black vapors swirling about a towering metallic figure of brass and steel. Beneath this figure ten daemonsmiths and their attendants heaped the flesh of fresh sacrifices into the raging fire that burned at the statue�?Ts feet; all the while chanting and parading images of their dark bull god Hashut about the center of the monstrous icon.

The soaring metal statue was fashioned in the form of a mighty warrior who in mid-stride carried a wicked curved sword in one hand and a gleaming shield of bronze on the other. On his head rested a heavy helmet much resembling the kind the sorcerer�?Ts warriors wore to battle; the helm covered all but his mouth, which was frozen in a snarling, toothy visage. His body was cold iron covered in metallic brass scales that seemed to glitter and move as they reflected the immense inferno at his feet.

Duke Lisle:

Thanks Herby! Glad you caught the Assyrian reference. Here is the continuation of the story for your reading pleasure.

Ashurbanipal approached the closest of his daemonsmiths acolytes. Powerful sorcerers in their own right, their power did not approach his own immense ability. Still, he envied their youth and their flesh, for his was slowly hardening to stone after centuries of channeling the magicks of their dread god.

�?oIs it ready?�?�

�?oNearly Master Ashurbanipal, nearly. Soon the summoning will be complete, and the daemon caged within its sheath of bronze and iron. �?o

�?oAnd how many souls have we surrendered to our high master Hashut to aid us in our summoning?�?� Ashurbanipal intoned.

�?oNearly 500 my lord.�?� the daemonsmiths replied with a malevolent grin.

�?oExcellent,�?� the sorcerer nodded. �?oYou have done well. Your efforts will not go unrewarded.�?�

�?oThank you my lord.�?� his acolyte replied, and turned back to the chanting of his comrades and stoking of the flames that roared beneath the iron titan. Numerous hobgoblins scuttled about the daemonsmiths, dragging chained and bound slaves to an amethyst platform directly forward of the titan and the flames, where a daemonsmith executioner dragged an obsidian blade across each screaming sacrifice�?Ts neck; each body�?Ts blood spilling across the platform, flowing into innumerable small channels that allowed it to course in carved, esoteric, concentric circles about the fire. The bodies of the slain were then thrown into the alchemical conflagration; the corpses somehow caught afire and made the flickering tongues of red, yellow, blue and purple reach ever-greater heights about the metal fiend.


good imagery. will wait for more