[Archive] The Definitive Black Host of Lord Zhurduz

Thommy H:

I wanted to create a new thread for my Chaos Dwarfs because the old one kind of spanned a long period of collecting, which meant it wasn’t useful as a showcase. I avoid blogs, because I only photograph finished figures, but that one was starting to read like one anyway because there were images scattered across multiple pages. Also, I’ve come a long way in terms of creating my own rules and concepts for the Chaos Dwarfs. I no longer feel like the army needs a ‘hook’ for its story �?" it’s enough that they represent “my” Chaos Dwarfs: an army typical of the kind described in my army book. What’s more, I’m now both better at photo manipulation (and have superior software) and I can represent almost every option available in the Ravening Hordes list, meaning this army is probably as complete as it’s going to get (minus one model sitting on my painting table �?" but I’ll edit him in when he’s done).

So, without further ado, The Black Host of Lord Zhurduz:

-Special Characters-

These guys don’t really fit into the army anywhere, they’re just included for completion.

Zhatan the Black

Zhatan is the Dwarf Lord of Chaos from Avatars of War. In my fluff, he is the commander of the Immortals and the right hand of Ghorth the Cruel (actually, that bit’s official). Wielding the Hammer of Zharr, he is the most formidable of all Chaos Dwarfs. He has no place whatsoever in my army’s background, but whatever.

Astragoth, High Priest of Hashut

The ancient Astragoth was purchased from tjub at a very reasonable price. Again, he doesn’t fit with the army (especially alongside Zhatan), but I wanted the model and I gave him what I believe may be my best paint job ever. I’m very, very pleased with this model.


Lord Zhurduz

Lord Zhurduz is my general (I guess �?" I’ve never actually used him in a game or anything…) and rides Storm, a Great Taurus. He has a round base because that’s what I had to hand at the time �?" since he can’t join units, it doesn’t make much difference to anything.

Dharkhaz Blackheart

Lammasu for £10 off ebay �?" bargain. Dharkhaz is a Sorcerer Lord and he rides a Lammasu, obviously. Like Zhurduz, I’ve never used his guy in a game, but since I have everything the army can have, it hardly matters that he sucks. I’m just a completist.


Zhakhan Flamewalker

This is a Sorcerer. Or Daemonsmith, if you’re that way inclined. I’ll stick with Sorcerer, but that’s just me.

Kthaark Daemonbane

Kthaark is a special character in my book, the mad Daemonsmith responsible for inflicting the Kolossus upon the world. The model is scratchbuilt from Chaos Warrior parts with a beard made from bits of a Goblin banner (the skulls with the beards).

Thraz Stonefist

My Hero (or Despot) with battle standard. As you can see, I can’t paint bulls.


Another Hero/Despot. Nothing very special going on here. He was my default model for a Hero, but now I usually use the Zhatan figure. If I were ever to try to field this whole army, he’d be the first thing to go because I think I have too many characters.


Molech is my Bull Centaur Hero/Elder who won exactly nothing in the last Golden Hat, even though I was pretty pleased with him. I thought the blending on the sword would win some people over, but alas. He’s a slight conversion of the Impact! Miniatures bull centaur things.

Azhan Khan

Azhan Khan is a Hobgoblin Hero, and would have to count-as Gorduz Backstabber in a list written from my army book. I’m reliably informed that his wolf dates back to Battle Masters, of all things, but the rider is converted from bits of 40K Space Ork and Warhammer Goblin (the ears and nose).


The Stormbothers

15 Warriors with great weapons, a Champion and a Standard.

The Stormbringers

19 Warriors with blunderbusses/Stormcallers. Some character (usually a Sorcerer) goes in here to make up the ranks.

The Stormtakers

20 Warriors with blunderbusses/Stormcallers. This unit used to be called “The Stormcallers”, but since I took that name for the whole unit type in my army book, that’s not going to fly any more.


Some worthless hobbos/Slaves with bows. These have never killed anything, to my knowledge.


These would be Special in the Ravening Hordes list since they’re Sneaky Gitz, but in my army list they’re just lowly Slaves with poisoned attacks (and shields to represent their extra dagger). These were a nightmare to convert �?" if I ever want any more, I’ll use the Plague Monk method.



And these would be Core in Ravening Hordes (and in my army book if I included “Gorduz”) but they’re Special by default. Best unit in the game. Best unit in the game. Best. Unit. In. The. Game.

The Lightning Guard

Immortals (or Obsidian Guard, I suppose). Naturally, they’d have to just be Warriors with hand weapons in Ravening Hordes, but who even uses that old thing these days anyway, eh?

Death Rocket

Nothing fancy here. In my army book this would probably get used as a Lesser Daemonic Engine, although it looks about as Daemonic as my tortoise (actually, he looks pretty scary with the new red light we just bought for his vivarium…).

Bolt Throwers

Bolt Throwers/Mortal Engines. Couldn’t (and don’t) hit the side of a barn. I think they killed one Wardancer once.


The Thunderspawn

My Bull Centaurs. Ran away in their first battle and haven’t seen the top side of a gaming table since (and not just because we’re still playing on the floor). They have a standard bearer which isn’t painted yet because I got distracted by Dark Angels.

The Doomcannon

Is it an Earthshaker, is it a Hellcannon? No, it’s a Greater Daemonic Engine with appropriate upgrades! Or whatever. Never leave the Plain of Zharr without this bad boy, regardless of what rules I’m using to represent it.


These would be a Special choice for Ravening Hordes, but in my army book they count as Dogs of War so we’ll follow that. Again, don’t see much action, but I had the models so they went in. They were speed painted but, you know what? They turned out okay.

So that’s yer lot. I definitely have 4,000 points worth of models here, but I don’t know if they’d technically, technically constitute a legal army if fielded together. Certainly not by Ravening Hordes (too few Core) but I could probably scrape by using my army book if I press-ganged the Ogres from my Warriors of Chaos. Not sure how they’d work in the Indy GT book �?" maybe I’ll give it a try sometime. I’ll leave it up to Xander to decide if I deserve a new shiny medal, but the important thing is that these guys are now all in one place for you to see.


I definitely have 4,000 points worth of models here, but I don't know if they'd technically, technically constitute a legal army if fielded together.

Thommy H
I've given you a 4,000 point medal anyway ;)
I think Astragoth is the best painted of the figures, although the Bull banner is very nice.
I wish I had the patience to base my miniatures like you do (but alas I am a lazy man...)

Border Reiver:

Thommy, you deserve the medal, the army is quite nice, and the basing is very well done.

Have some slaves.


Awesome stuff. What’s next for Thommy H, the Seasoned Veteran?


Some of the best basing i’ve ever seen and a great conversion of my favourite dwarf mini, your hero/despot.

Oh and i say you can paint bulls pretty damn well :hat off


This is a very impressive spread, but of all the details and painting, my favourite are the wolf fur on Azhan Khan. Its been nailed dead on and is very characterful.


Great looking army :slight_smile: i am loving that battle standard he just looks so cool and the art work of the bull is great, what colours have you used to do the for as it creates a great effect :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

Do you mean the background on the banner, Loki? It’s just dark blue (I think Enchanted Blue + Chaos Black) highlighted up by adding Skull White. It turned out how it did because the card I used for the banner was slightly textured, so all I did was drybrush. Easy, really.


I have everything the army can have
Oh for the day when I can make such a claim :)

Looks impressive arrayed for battle :cheers The lava basing is also very characterful, do you varnish it or leave it plain? I'm always in two minds, as lava isn't very reflective...

Thommy H:

Just plain. I actually don’t varnish anything - I never have, and wouldn’t really know where to start doing it. Just one of those things.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Impressive army Thommy!


You’ve a really nice army, I like the paintjob and the little touches, like that big nose on the wolf-riding orc. It’s a very good example of how giving a personal touch without being a golden demon winner.

Congrats :slight_smile:


I am really liking this army. This is the sort of army, that really inspires me to keep going with my small army.

Thommy H:

Thanks very much. There’s no higher compliment than being an inspiration to others.


I have only one word to describe it and thats “Amazing”. It’s really amazing and I am very much impressed by you.

The Stormchild:

Very nice.

Loving the force.

Thommy H:

The Thunderspawn

Few creatures in the Warhammer world are as feared as the awesome Bull Centaurs, the Chosen of Hashut. Combining the fighting skill, indomitable will and unrelenting fury of a veteran Chaos Dwarf with the bestial strength, furious speed and iron constitution of a blessed bull of the Father of Darkness, they have no equal when fighting on their own terms. Each Bull Centaur is born unto dread, raised in the Temple of Hashut to serve as an elite guardian of and gleeful participant in the twisted rites of the dark god of the Chaos Dwarfs. Their fiery hides are proof against flame, enabling them to immerse screaming slaves in great cauldrons of molten iron or gold, ensuring the dark favour of Hashut in battle. When Bull Centaurs take to the field, they fight as barely-controlled whirlwinds of infernal rage: surrounded by clouds of roiling smoke, their hides shrouded in black fire, their hooves sparking lighting. As they crash into the enemy’s battleline, the unfortunate foe are engulfed in a wall of fire and many flee in terror rather than stand up to the Bull Centaurs’ cleaving axes and flailing hooves.

I felt that it was high time for a repaint. I’ve never been happy with my Bull Centaurs - I sort of lost interest in them halfway through and never actually finished them to my satisfaction. So, on a whim, I elected to repaint them using the skills and techniques I’ve picked up since I first tried. I also took the opportunity to convert a standard bearer and change their shields using some spare Marauder ones.


Awesome! I have to get me some of these guys! They are the one troop type my force really lacks! The repaint looks great! the New standard bearer is perfect!


great collection! I love all the lava on the bases (:


Nice job on the repaint, a definite improvement (I love those Marauder shields, perfect for CDs).

Hmm, maybe I should have done lava bases…