[Archive] The Divine One (BC special character)


For those who don’t already know, my variant list I’m doing is probably amongst the most radical overhauls of RH around (probably the most).  As such several things are missing, or have been made slightly different.

Gone are the Bull centaurs we all know and love, in are the Mardak (same stats bar the movement).  20mm based with upper body DZ, lower 2 legs of a bull.  They have atrophied wings which accounts for M6 ;).  They gain Stubborn and Fear as special rules.

Having dropped the traditional Bull Centaur from the list, I felt like I had dropped a key part of the imagery as well.  I did plan for this special character to just be a hero Mardak, but instead I’ve opted to bring back in the traditional BC image.

What I have effectively done is taken the BC back on the evolutionary ladder.  So currently we have the Mardak, but this guy is the first BC, hence the adoration.

This guy could either be deployed on his own (the fastest creature in my list that can’t fly), or in a unit of Mardak (M6).

If anyone was curious, I actually tried to base this on the babylonian Bull of Heaven.  Some places list this as Gulgalanna or Lugal-gabajal.  The one I based the name on was Zul-Kharnain (which turns out to be a reference to Alexander the Great), but the place I noted it from seemed to be in reference to the Bull of Heaven :~, anyway, it sounds like a decent name.

Zimrod is based on Nimrod, a babylonian monarch known as a great hunter.  I also named the West gate to Zharr Naggrund after him.  Mardak is based on Marduk, also the name for the North gate (though I may need to change this gate’s name now I’ve used it for a unit).  I also thought of calling him the Two Horned One (after Dikerotes, the Greek god), but it didn’t make the cut.


Divine One, the Hand of Hashut

Zul-Kharnam is a blessed creature of Hashut.  Alone amongst all his kind, he possesses the upper torso of a Dawi Zharr and the lower body of a bull.  The two great horns born upon his noble brow are evidence to all of his being one of the chosen of Hashut.  How such a miracle could come about will never be known.  All that is known of his birth is that at the zenith of a great storm, a hooded company of Mardak brought Zul-Kharnam to the Temple of Zharr and raised him in secret as one of their own.

Having reached full maturity within the dark confines of the Temple, Zul ventured into the city of Zharr Naggrund to learn more about his people.  Amid zealous roars of amazement and adulation, the Chaos Dwarfs gathered round him in their tens of thousands as word spread of the Divine One.  Never before had the Chaos Dwarfs seen a creature such as he; one truly favoured by Hashut.

With such adoration it would have been all too easy for Zul to have been seduced by dreams of power, of domination, but the Mardak had prepared him well for this moment.  They knew as well as he that to be deified was to encourage worship of a false prophet, something that would eventually destroy the Chaos Dwarfs.  His presence in any of the great cities would only serve as a religious distraction at best, a heretical idol at worst.

So it was decided that Zul-Kharnam would set off on a series of great crusades for the glory of Hashut.  These quests would take him to many strange and distant lands, always accompanied by his hooded company of Mardak.  Often Chaos Dwarfs will learn of his presence nearby and will travel many miles simply to fight alongside the legendary hero.

ZUL-KHARNAM �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�. POINTS:  160

.                           M	WS BS S	T W I A	Ld
Zul-Kharnam 7   5   3   4 5 2 4 4 9
Zul-Kharnam can be taken as a Hero choice in a Chaos Dwarf army.  He must be fielded exactly as presented, no extra equipment or magic items can be bought for him.


Base Size:  20mm (wide) x 40mm

Weapons:  The Spear of Zimrod and a hand weapon

Armour:  Heavy armour and a shield.

Special Rules: Stubborn, Fear

Spear of Zimrod

The first quest of Zul-Kharnam was to travel north into the Chaos Wastes and recover the lost spear of Zimrod the Hunter, one of the greatest legends the Chaos Dwarfs have ever known.  

The Spear of Zimrod will grant +1 Strength when charging, also each unsaved wound inflicted by the spear is multiplied into D3 Wounds.

Designer�?Ts Note: Despite the unconventional base size Zul-Kharnam is never considered to be a cavalry model.

(EDIT:  Changed from multiplied into 2 wounds to D3)

Thommy H:

I’d make it D3 wounds. That’s how these things usually work - inflicting 2 wounds is a little powerful, since he’ll just instantly kill any Hero-level character he wounds.


If I were to change it to D3 how would that affect his points?

4 Strength 4 attacks (S5 on charge) might be enough in itself?  That would help bring his points down a bit.

I just wanted him to have a magical spear. Any decent rules would do as long as they’re not too many points.

Thommy H:

Make him slightly cheaper since he’s less reliable, but only by a tiny bit since D3 is the same as 2, on average. Sometimes he’ll be better than before, sometimes worse. So say 160?