[Archive] The Doom Seeker Issue #3


The Doom Seeker Issue 3 has been released.

Included in this issue:

Creating infantry units for Warhammer Fantasy.

Creating your own scenarios for game play.

Mousekiller is back with his Dwarf Army.

And Slayers around the World.

You can view it on issuu.com here, or download it here.

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It’s a nice E-zine. Especially the rules for making infantry units are cool. I don’t know if they are sooo balanced, but who cares, it is a good inofficial reference, when you want to play funny games with own units.


Thank you.

We (M4c and myself) went though all the army books to make sure the points costs of the races and all the items were as balanced as we could make them. But if you do make up a unit and play it you will discover if the points need to be tweeked. We will be doing Cavalry units next issue.