[Archive] The Doom Seeker Issue #4


The Doom Seeker Issue 4 has been released.

Included in this issue:

Creating Cavalry units for Warhammer Fantasy.

Tactics for Beginners

Converting a Beastman hero

ANd Look Snorri.

You can view it on issuu.com here, or download it here.

You can download back issues at:




Good stuff as a novice at the fighting I liked the tactics article, both the anvil tatic and the castling up one especilly.

I also liked the crain crackers campiagn and the pirates article. Kudos to Kera the pirate queen I look forward to the rest of the story.


I’ll be downloading it tonight and taking a look through.


With the feature on bear riders the authors should have contacted me for some photos! nevermind, i’ll have to browse that more thoroughly when i’m not at work.