[Archive] The Dwarfs of a Rat - 05/07/09


It’s not just the platform, that’s actually the 5th edition bell ready to blast the enemies to bits. 6th ed platform, 5th ed bell, and part of a black coach to hold the bell up.

Kera foehunter:

Thanks, Kera! (but you're signature is scaring my horde... :o)

I've decided to share my newly crafted Earthshaker with you.  I think I am more excited about this piece than anything I've done so far.

well its me that hates rodents the cat my champion!!!!
i love your earth shaker cannon it is so cool


ah very nice indead, didnt recognize all the parts as i am recentily returning to fantasy myself. Last edition i played with any regularity was 3rd. Were the wheels bits from the black coach as well?


@ apocalypstia: negative, the wheels are part of the most recent bell platform.

I’m glad you guys liked the shields :hat off

Here’s a pic of what I plan on using for my general.


I love the guy with the axe. He reminds me of a slaver or executioner or somesuch.

Kera foehunter:

i love the ax on that guy it look great, well so does the cd