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Well, i decided that its better to make one big blog of everything, than to open a lot of different threads for each unit, conversion or paintjob.

So first, why i picked Chaos Dwars? I am a greenskin player for a long time. I love them, and i think i am a fairly good player with them also. But, altought they can be very versatile, its getting a bit boring. I started to collect a Dogs of War army also, but for some reason it is not growing. Maybe because i cant get good pikemans, and i dont want to ebay for classic models. So we had a tourney, where i decided i want an elite army, where i dont have to collect and paint hundreds of models. I looked at almost every list, but none of them seemed to fit me. Well, except for deamons and hordes of chaos, but they were also not the best choice. Then i remembered that once i already dreamed about chaos dwarfes, and is a already have a skull pass box, wich i can use in my DoW army, or convert them to CDs. As i am here, i think it is obvious what i choose :slight_smile:

First, i want to link my 2 existing threads, that everything is in one place.

Chaos Warriors WIP

Fire Sorceror Greens

And here is something new, 10 Black orks, the bases match my greenskin army, they are just plain TTQ quality, paintjob done in 1 afternoon, and the bases another day. Nothing special, but i like them how they turned out. (i almost never used them in my army, maybee 1 or 2 times, when i played with Grimgors list back in 6ed.)

I hope for a lot of comments and maybee some not to hard critizism :slight_smile:

Oh, and sorry for my bad english, but i am not a native, and make a few mistakes.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


the unheard one:

these black orcs are pretty cool and girmgor’s ard boyz list was pretty good.


Everything is shaping up very nicely. Looking forward to some more pics :D.



you dont use black orcs in your orc and goblin army but there so cool and tese look so good


Well done! :slight_smile:

Nice paintjob! :o

But … I personally don´t like the colour combination red/green for O&G!

IMO it looks silly, and why should Orks use red colour for their armour?

Why should they paint their armour anyway?

The other thin is that I don´t like this “new” Orks, they are to big sized (for my old CD´s) and too "over"armed.

I like much more the old Orks … I know I´m too much old fashioned. But I´m “old” and then it´s allowed! :cheers




Thank you all for writing!

Zanko: I like both the old and new orks, I love everything what is green skinned. Sometimes I prefer the old comical style, but I also like this new brutal look. The red armor is to break up the even look of the armor, to put some contrast in it. I think that if i left the whole armor metal it would be boring a bit. And if you play 40k, then you know, that orcs believe that colours have meanings, like the blue one protects, and ‘red un goes fasta’ :slight_smile: So my savage orks have blue warpaint. And of course green is best :smiley: Did i mention that i love orks? :slight_smile:


nice paint job!:slight_smile:

but when i paint my BOs they will be very red and i mean very red(and green:sick)



No I don´t know 40K very good, especially not the Ork related infos! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Regardless of your infos … I don´t like red Orks! :mad

I think you like Greenskins … don´t you!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Kera foehunter:

Nice!! love the paint job and love the handles on the weaponds

also that a great big picture i like how it jump out !!


Nice paintjob on the BO! Both the metal and the red parts are splendid!


I decided to upload a few pictures of my greenskin army, as a part of them can be used also with this project. Well, exept the spiders and the pump wagon. I use the orks as savage big uns. Everithing was painted long ago, so they are a bit battle damaged now.


Kera foehunter:

great group of greenies love the snot wagon


Here is a couple of picture of my heroes, and as you can see, there is a hobgoblin hero in there also :slight_smile: Soon im going to get the CD project started again, as my greenstuff arrived. Also im planning to paint another unit of spider riders, i love those modells, and i have about 4 units of them. But im going for a different color selection, maybee orange or blue spiders this time.

The sad thing is, that probably i cannot attend a tourney with CDs yet, i have 3 weeks to complete 2 units of BBs and 1 full warrior unit. I dont want to hurry the project, and i try to improve my sculpting skills.


Kera foehunter:

Kera rubs her eye and can’t see the picture of the hero

but i can still see you avatar!!


I edited the last post, hope you can see the pictures now!

Kera, i wrote you as a refferer for DOW online, hope you dont mind :slight_smile:

I started to paint my CD fire sorceror, but had too much rum tonight, so update coming later.


I love the BO’s. =D

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Kera foehunter:

Na i don’t mind ElEndro!! But waiting to see more stuff


I still havent recieved my GS, but i wanted to work on something during the holidays, so i started to construct the warmachines.

Bolt thrower from the tutorial in WoH4, deathrokket old GW miniature, painting not done yet, but the bases will be something like this. Started to paint the bolt throwers, quite done, just adding grass and some color to the bolt… Dont want to make it metalic nor the same wood color…

I also converted an Earthshaker… Well kinda Minishaker, cause its not so big, but bigger then the rocket, so i guess there is no problem. Sadly the picture is bad here, but i like this machines look

And last, but not least 1 fire sorceror painted, and an old hobgobbo hero from my orcs. I wanted to paint some wicked pinkish/purpleish chaosy skin for the sorceror, but im absolutely NOT satisfied how he come out. Probably repaint him. Any ideas how? Oh and tried a lava base first, but it was terrible, so got this instead. I also wanted to try OSL but as im going to repaint him…

Well, thats all for now, next time tune in for some painted warmachines :slight_smile:

(here are the pics attached if there is again some problem…)



It’s looking great! Keep it up and I may actually have to do something with all my CDs.


Hmm, i dont know whats the problem, but it seems Picassa webgalery has a lot of bugs, i should find another place to upload the pictures… Photobucket is good? Or is there any better?